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Bridget Riley is a British artist known for her abstract, optically vibrant works. She is most associated with the Op Art movement, which uses geometric and kinetic shapes to create optical illusions of movement in two-dimensional space. Her paintings are often composed of vivid colors and sharp contrasts that create an illusion of depth on the canvas. Riley’s work has been exhibited around the world and she has received numerous awards including the Venice Biennale Grand Prize for Painting in 1968.


Sylvia Plath was an American poet, novelist, and short-story writer. She is best known for her confessional poetry exploring themes of alienation, and death. Plath also wrote extensively about motherhood and marriage, often in an ironic tone. Her most famous works include the novel The Bell Jar (1963) and the collections Ariel (1965) and The Colossus (1960). She has become an iconic figure within feminist literature and her work continues to be studied by students around the world.


Bridget Riley and Slvia Plath share themes of mortality, death, and the notion of identity. Both artists explore these topics through their art in different ways. For example, Riley’s works often express a sense of movement and abstraction that can be interpreted as an expression of her inner turmoil. Plath’s poems often focus on despair and melancholia, exploring her struggles with depression and suicide. While both artists are known for their lyrical expressions of emotion, they also use symbols to convey personal messages within their artwork. 

Wrapped Up in Yourself Like a Spool (Canvas)

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