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Katharine Cornell was an American stage actress and producer. She was one of the foremost theater stars of the 20th century, best known for her leading roles in Shakespearean plays and other classic works. She was a major Broadway star during the 1920s and '30s, appearing in over 30 plays and productions during her career. She was also one of the first actresses to produce her own plays and, with her husband Guthrie McClintic, established their own theater company in the 1920s.


Helen Frankenthaler was an American abstract expressionist painter. Her work was heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock and Hans Hoffman, and she is best known for her technique of staining the canvas with thin washes of paint. She was a leading figure in the Color Field painting movement, which was a style of abstract painting that emphasized large areas of color.


Katharine Cornell and Helen Frankenthaler were both renowned artists who worked in different mediums. Both artists were dedicated to challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Finally, both were also influential forces in the art world, inspiring other artists and leaving a lasting legacy. 

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