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Matthew Arnold's The Moon Lies Fair is one of the most beautiful and haunting poems in the English language. It is a perfect example of Arnold's ability to evoke a mood and atmosphere through his use of language. The poem is set on a moonlit night, and Arnold uses the moon as a metaphor for the beauty and mystery of nature. The poem is also a perfect example of Arnold's use of poetic form to create a sense of rhythm and flow.


Sol Lewitt was an American artist associated with the Minimalist and Conceptual art movements. He is best known for his large-scale wall drawings and his numerous works on paper, which often resemble grids or patterns. 


Lewitt's work is sometimes associated with systems theory, due to his interest in patterns, systems, and various rules, which he frequently incorporated into his work. Lewitt's artistic output also includes sculpture, photography, and prints; however, he stated that the idea was more important than the finished product.


In Arnold’s work, the public is the subject, whereas in Lewitt’s work, the public is the artist. This contrast, while seemingly disparate, is actually quite complementary.


In Arnold’s work, loneliness and isolation are often explored through the lens of materialism. For example, in his poem “Dover Beach”, Arnold writes about how the “sea of faith” is “ebbing away” and how this makes the world feel “cold and dark”. This feeling of loneliness and isolation is further reinforced by the materialism of the world around him, as seen in lines such as “the world is too much with us; late and soon, getting and spending, we lay waste our powers”.


In contrast, Sol Lewitt’s work often celebrates collaboration and community. For example, his famous “Wall Drawing #1136: Lines in four directions emanating from a point” can only be completed with the help of others. This work encourages people to work together in order to create something beautiful. Furthermore, Lewitt’s work often focuses on simple forms and patterns, which can be seen as a celebration of the beauty of simplicity.


While Arnold and Lewitt may explore different themes, their work is ultimately united by a shared focus on the human experience. Arnold’s work often explores the dark side of human nature, while Lewitt’s work often celebrates the best of what humans can achieve when working together. 

The Tide is Full the Moon Lies Fair

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