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Gino Severini was an Italian painter and a leading member of the Futurist movement. He was born in Cortona, Italy and studied at the Scuola Libera del Nudo at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. Severini was a founder of the Futurist movement, and he was active in many of the movement's activities, including its publications. His work often blended elements of Cubism and Divisionism, and he was heavily influenced by the work of Paul Cézanne. He also collaborated with other Futurists, including Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.


Neil Gaiman is an acclaimed English author of novels, comics, short stories, children's books, and screenplays. He is best known for his novels American Gods and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, as well as his comic book series The Sandman. Gaiman has also won numerous awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker Awards. His works are known for their dark, imaginative themes and blend of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.


Both Neil Gaiman and Gino Severini are renowned for their work in the art world. They have both been influenced by the Dada movement, which is notable for its use of irony, parody, and satire. Additionally, Gaiman and Severini both have a strong focus on the surreal and the dreamlike. Gaiman often uses mythological references, while Severini often incorporates aspects of futurism in his works.   

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