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Walt Whitman was an American poet who is considered one of the most important authors in the history of American literature. Whitman's poetry is characterized by its free verse style and its focus on the common everyday experience of Americans. Whitman's work was very controversial in its time, and he was often criticized for its frank depictions of sexuality and its use of language that was considered vulgar. However, Whitman's work has since been praised for its innovation and for its ability to capture the spirit of America.


Agnes Martin was a Canadian-American painter. She is often associated with the Abstract Expressionist and Minimalist movements, although she considered herself an "abstract painter." Martin's work is characterized by its simplicity, geometric forms, and muted colors. She was influenced by her experiences living in the American Southwest, as well as by Zen Buddhism and Native American art.


Martin’s work is often described as meditative, with a spiritual quality. Whitman’s poems are similarly meditative, often focusing on nature and the individual.


Whitman’s work is also highly musical. The poet frequently employs repetition and rhyme in his poems. This musical quality is echoed in Martin’s work, which often features repetitive patterns. 

Avoiding the Moonbeams Blending Myself with the Shadows

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