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Your Friday Art Fix: A Look at the Surrealist Movement in 2020


Your Friday Art Fix: A Look at the Surrealist Movement in 2020

In 1924, Andre Breton, poet and art critic, wrote the Surrealists Manifesto. It spoke about psychic automatism or the ability for artists to express the subconscious and conscious mind simultaneously — combining everyday objects and dreamlike states. Almost 100 years later, we can still see the influence the surrealist movement has had in contemporary art and the post-contemporary world. 

Here is a list of seven contemporary painters stepping on the shoulders of Dali, Ernst, Magritte, and Miro -— the surrealist artists famous for melting time and turning our world inside out and upside down. 

3 Stages of a Salmon’s Life by Sabrina Basuki

Grey Still Life with Glass and Horses by Nastya Parfilo

Upward Balance by Santiago Aguado

Les Vacances III Painting by Ximo Gascón

Melody of Delusions Painting by Sviatoslav Baziuk

Exhibition of Unnecessary Paintings by Denis Glukhov

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