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Top Photographers To Keep An Eye On

The world around us is alive with stories. For so many stories, words simply are not adequate. For those stories, the world has photographers.

Need a bit of visual inspiration? Here’s our pick of top photographers to follow on Instagram

Photographers tell a visual story, often striking a chord so deep inside that it would otherwise be impossible to feel. Images can transport us through time and space. A photo can be so powerful, whether it’s of indigenous peoples halfway around the globe or of a flower in a backyard in suburban America.

Here’s our round-up of some of our favorite photographers to follow on Instagram. You’ll notice, we chose photographers who are not only talented but who tell a diverse range of stories from around the world.

Jimmy Nelson

“If you change the way you look at people, the people you look at change.” This is the tagline on Jimmy Nelson’s Instagram account. His feed shows indigenous peoples around the world, from Peru, Namibia, India, Russia, and other out-of-the-way communities.

Not only are his photos stunning on a technical scale, but the power of his images to share what life is like for other people on this planet is humbling. Nelson has said that his work is inspired by a desire to learn about and document the cultures of indigenous peoples before they’re lost. His recent book, “Homage to Humanity,” illustrates the heart behind his work.

His images have drawn 190,000 followers on Instagram.

Check out his work on Instagram or his website.

Akihito Nagata

Akihito Nagata is a Tokyo-based photographer who loves to work in black and white imagery. Many photos feature strong architectural shapes and themes, although there is also some interesting, albeit unusual, portrait work as well. Nagata’s work has drawn more than 65,000 followers on Instagram.

Viewers can see Akihito’s images on Instagram here.

Lynsey Addario

Get ready for a tug at the heartstrings when looking at the work of Lynsey Addario. As a Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist, she captures some of life’s most tragic moments. The things people wish didn’t exist. The things people want to ignore.

However, these are all things that people shouldn’t ignore and her images bring the heartbreaking stories right into our comfortable lives.

Her work brilliantly features victims of war, human trafficking, COVID-19, modern slavery, and more. She has more than 223,000 followers on Instagram.

She’s authored two books: “It’s What I Do” is Addario’s memoir, and “Of Love & War” is her visual and written account of her work in some of the most dangerous and remote areas of the world.

See her work on Instagram or check out her website.

Lillie Eiger

As a fashion photographer from Chicago now living in London, Lillie Eiger’s work is mostly portraiture. But her style stretches the boundaries of portraits you’re used to seeing.

She showcases people from interesting angles or in creative poses. Themes of the underdog run strong in her work with many portraits featuring members of minority groups. She has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.

Check out her unusual work on Instagram here.

Ted Gore

Those who want to see some downright exquisite landscape photography should check out Ted Gore. From snowcapped mountain peaks to desert dunes to secret waterfalls deep in the jungle, nearly every corner of this gorgeous planet appears in Gore’s work.

His ethereal images make the viewer feel as if they’ve been transported into a dream world where everything seems a touch more beautiful than in real life. His work has drawn more than 147,000 followers on Instagram.

For a relaxing scroll through his dreamy world, check out his Instagram here.

Top photographers to follow on Instagram

The world is full of tremendous stories, these five photographers are doing their part to capture them in their own unique way. But don’t stop here. Instagram serves as an infinite gallery for photographers sharing their work and their adventures. Type in #photography and start exploring.

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