Artist Brandon Lillibride

Spotlight: Artist Brandon Lillibride’s Emotive Oil Portraits

Artist Brandon Lillibride brings oil to canvas and emotions to life

Artist Brandon Lillibride is a talented oil painter based in Toledo, Ohio. We came across his Instagram channel and were really compelled by his abstract work, particularly those focused on portraiture. His work caught our eye. The faces that come to life in Lillibridge’s paintings are at simultaneously surreal and morose leaving the onlooker wondering what these people are thinking.

To find out what Lillibridge is thinking we shot him a couple of questions to which he was kind enough to respond.

Artistic Fuel: How long have you been creating art?

Brandon Lillibride: I have been creating my whole life, always drawing and wanting to invent things since I was a young kid. I didn’t start seriously painting until early 2018, and I quickly became addicted to working with paint.

A|F: What inspires your work?

Lillibride: I’m always inspired by other artists who are creating art that seems to reflect my own emotions. I tend to see parts of myself inside of other peoples’ work and I’ve taken those elements and mixed them into my own. I get inspired by anything though. It could be something so small that may have a large impact on the direction my art takes. I often wake up in the night having to write down new ideas. It seems like my brain is always on the subject of art.

A|F: Many people have been sleepless in 2020 with the world upside down. How do you stay focused and motivated among all the chaos?

Lillibride: I guess trying my best to refrain from watching the news and letting this all get me down. It can be difficult because I like to be in a good mood when I paint. Good music is really helpful for that. I’ve been trying to keep a good balance of everything in my life, doing the best I can with what I have, and trying to not take life too seriously. Taking breaks when I’m not feeling “right” for painting is also huge for me.

Follow Artist Brandon Lillibride on his instagram channel @b.lillibridge and buy his work on his website at

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