Rayen Garrach

When Anime Intersects Reality with Rayen Garrach

An anime artist inspired by sunrises and skylines

Next time you enjoy a stunning sunset or a luminous full moon, close your eyes and picture your favorite anime character against the backdrop. 

That’s how anime artist Rayen Garrach, or Obnubilant, creates his artwork. By drawing popular characters like Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist against stunning photos of giant Redwood trees, orange and pink sunrises and city skylines, the Tunisia-based artist has captured the heart and imagination of thousands of viewers. 

A self-portrait of Rayen Garrach, better known by his moniker Obnubilant.

‘Art-making is an integral part of who I am’

With no formal art education, Obnubilant developed a passion for drawing, painting, and photography as a child. He started by creating wallpaper backgrounds on his phone for fun, combining his sketches with bold online photos. Friends encouraged him to post online, garnering support from more than 84,000 followers on Instagram. 

Creating and selling art has been a dream come true for the young artist. In 2020, art has been a way for many to escape the monotonous. And Obnubilant’s medium of choice is anything but ordinary.

What inspires him to continue? The support and comments on social media lifts him up, and gives him the confidence to keep creating — even when times get hard. He tries to create new images, using popular anime characters and scenes, and takes his cues from fan comments.

Obnubilant says of his art, “I try to be unique in every artwork I produce. My main goal is to mesmerize and give everyone a different feeling every time!”

Obnubilant has set a personal goal of revealing his face — beyond the self-portrait he uses as his Instagram profile picture — once he hits 100,000 followers on Instagram. He’s nearly there!

Keep up with Obnubilant’s work on Instagram (@Obnubilant) and buy his prints at inprnt.com/gallery/obnubilant.

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