Coronavirus Mural

Coronavirus Murals Bring Hope Amid Covid-19

Coronavirus murals are popping up all over the world in support of frontline workers

The arts have always been a source of comfort and solace for many people. Whether as a distraction, an outlet, or simply an expression of passion, art has a way of communicating in ways that words never can.

Now, more than ever perhaps, we see art coming to life again as the whole world comes together in a global fight against an encroaching illness.

Check out some of the amazing coronavirus murals that have begun to appear in cities all around the world.

London, England

A poignant painting from the mysterious artist Banksy has appeared and been hung in the lobby at Southampton General Hospital. The one-meter square painting shows a small boy kneeling next to a wastebasket where he has thrown his beloved Batman and Spiderman toys.

Instead, he is playing with a mask-wearing nurse of the NHS in a superman-like pose with a red cross on her chest, the only spot of color in the painting. 

Pontefract, England

Rachel List has painted murals in tribute to NHS workers like this one in Pontefract, England.

In northern England, Rachel List painted a gorgeous depiction of a healthcare worker in full protective gear. The worker is holding their hands in the shape of a heart and sports a halo and full, rainbow-colored wings.

Dublin, Ireland

In Dublin, artist Emmalene Blake painted a throwback mural to Rosie the Riveter from the working women campaigns of World War II. A healthcare worker in protective gear strikes the same pose as Rosie with the words “We Can Do It!” above and “Healthcare Heroes” below.

Berlin, Germany

Coronavirus Murals - Berlin, Germany
A man runs in front of a graffiti of a character from “Lord Of The Rings”, which holds a roll of toilet paper and says “My precious”, during coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany on March 25, 2020. Abdulhamid Hosbas | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Humor has a way of helping us through the dark times and shows up in a mural appearing in Berlin. This mural depicts a crazed-looking Gollum from Lord of the Rings screaming “my precious!” as Scrat, the feisty squirrel from Ice Age races off with a roll of toilet paper.

Denver, Colorado

Across the ocean in America murals are popping up as well. One gorgeous mural by Austin Zucchini-Fowler in Denver depicts a nurse in blue scrubs and wearing a mask on her face and stethoscope around her neck. Behind her swell gorgeous purple wings but she is ready for the fight with her bright red boxing gloves.

Melbourne, Australia

A stunning painting in Melbourne takes its cue from the famous depiction of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. A male nurse with lovely angel wings and wearing protective gear kneels on a depiction of a coronavirus particle while holding the earth above his head. The mural bears the words “Frontline Heroes”. Created by Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner of Melbourne’s Murals.

Glynn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Coronavirus Murals - Antrim, Ireland
An Iwo Jima inspired NHS Heroes Mural by artists Ricky Morrow and Dee Craig in the village of Glynn Co Antrim as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Niall Carson | Getty Images

In Northern Ireland, a huge mural appears on the side of a brick building. Inspired by the famous Iwo Jima image of soldiers raising the flag, a group of healthcare workers struggles to raise a real flag of the NHS while trampling a cluster of coronaviruses underfoot. The words “Sending a [heart] to all our key workers” accompany the image.

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