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Looking for Affordable Wall Art? Consider These Great Works of Street Art

The art you love enough to hang in your home is representative of your style and your persona. The art that artists find important enough to share with the world by painting it on the streets is representative of how they think.

Aall art comes in all shapes, sizes, and genres

Street art can encompass all kinds of genres, though social themes often appear in many artists’ works. The good news is that if you love a particular piece of street art, you can likely get a print to hang in your home and reflect on it’s meaning every day.

Here are a few of our favorite works of street art turned wall art.

Banksy Flower Thrower

This mostly black and white image of a man throwing a bouquet of flowers is representative of the mysterious English street artist Banksy’s work. His work often features dark humor and activist-type themes.

Since graffiti is illegal, Banksy prefers to remain anonymous, but his street art, such as this Flower Thrower is often reproduced and sold as prints. This piece begins at $42.99 for a small print.

Sweet Unit No. 6

Dake Wong is a Chinese artist who creates intricate works representing contradictory ideas. An excellent example is this big black and yellow truck with a huge pink ice cream cone on the back. The price for prints of this striking piece begins at $155.

Third Eye

Polish artist Anna Matykiewicz now lives in Dublin and paints expressive portraits designed to create an emotional bond between the subject and the viewer. This piece features a fractured female face that draws the viewer into the depth of her sorrowful stare. Limited edition price begins at $155.

Balloon Dog II

VeeBee is an English artist who loves to work with spray paints both for the versatility and uniform finish they can create. This piece features the tiny silhouette of a girl holding the string of a giant, rainbow-colored balloon dog. Get it as a limited edition piece starting at $230.

Bicycle Escape

Australian Ashvin Harrison is a self-taught artist whose work often features colorful splattering. For example, in this piece the bright red dress of the bicyclist, the only bit of color in the piece, bursts into a million pieces and trails off behind her. Print prices begin at $155.

Beach Buzz

American art history professor and painter William Lachance enjoys working with bright colors and geometric shapes to create bold pieces from acrylic and enamel paints that demand attention. Brighten any space with this piece starting at $230.

Looking for more ideas for great wall art? Consider this guide to affordable wall art, that includes a mix of abstract works, photographs and paintings.

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