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A Message From Our Founders

A Message From Our Founders


Artistic Fuel’s role in elevating social justice

Our team at Artistic Fuel has talked about what our role is in elevating social justice. This isn’t a new or opportunistic conversation for us. In fact, this question of how best to amplify creativity that the art world has deemed unworthy for white-walled galleries is one reason our founders started Artistic Fuel.

The answer we keep coming back to is that we need to provide a stage for artists who know injustice all too well. Artistic Fuel is a place for them to be heard, to be seen — and just to be.

Art is the ultimate form of free speech. It’s the purest and most tangible manifestation of core human emotions: anger, fear, sadness, hope, kindness, empathy, love. Through that lens, Artistic Fuel aims to shine a spotlight on art and the artists that create it.

With love and support,

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Jack O’Donnell and Sean O’Donnell
Co-Founders of Artistic Fuel

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