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5 Art Projects the Whole Family can do Together

5 Art Projects the Whole Family can do Together

These easy-to-do crafts are a great way to brighten your kids’ day

With schools closed across the country and most workplaces temporarily shut down, social distancing and staying at home can be tough. Children and parents alike are undoubtedly feeling the cabin fever by now, and everyone is just itching to get outside. Instead of viewing this pandemic as an obstacle to get through, why not cherish the time you have with your family?

One of the best ways to bond with your family is through art. Creating art as a family can spark your collective creativity and imagination, while building a sense of community and togetherness. So get ready to create!

Decorating rocks and placing them around your neighborhood is a great way to cheer people up. [Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash]

Here are five art projects you can tackle as a family:

Hearts and Hands

Inspired by Andy Warhol, this collaborative art project is a great way to introduce pop art to your kids.

Known for his iconic use of bright, eye-catching colors and repetition, you can create a similar pop-art inspired piece with acrylic paint and paper.

Parents and children alike can get their hands dirty when stamping the paper with their handprints. The result is a colorful work of art that can be hung in your young artists’ bedroom or that space you’ve turned into a temporary classroom.

See step-by-step instructions from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes.

DIY Musical Instruments

Who doesn’t want to be in a family band? Making your own DIY musical instruments is a fun way to spend a weekend and is perfect for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

Use recycled or found materials from around the house to create your instruments. This can include a cereal box, a soda can or mason jar lids. The only criteria is that it needs to make some sort of noise or sound. To top it off, everyone needs to perform a solo showcasing the new instrument they have created.

Get more ideas from FunFamilyCrafts.com.

The Rainbow Rock Project

We can all use a little kindness and joy these days, and the Rainbow Rock Project provides a fun way to do just that.

Your whole family can participate in making your own rainbow rocks to brighten your day and others. Make a safe family trip out to the backyard or local park to collect rocks. Then, paint or draw customized messages of joy and love on the back.

Get more ideas on how to decorate your rocks from Hello, Wonderful.

The Rainbow Rock Project, from Hello, Wonderful, is a great way to brighten your day and others’. [Courtesy of HelloWonderful.co]

Heart Mandala

A large piece of paper and markers is all you need to get started with this heart mandala project. Starting with a small heart in the center, every family member can contribute to this art piece by adding a design element around the first heart.

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For larger families, having several pieces of paper going at once is a good way to keep distracted kids from wandering. In the end, your family will have several heart mandalas to put up on the wall.

Check out the details at MindfulParent.com.

A Heart Mandala is a great way for kids to express themselves, while having fun. [Courtesy of MindfulParent.com]

Coronavirus Helper and Heroes Cards

Your children may be confused as to why school is cancelled. This activity is a great way to teach them about the pandemic and the health professionals who are on the front lines.

With simple construction paper in various colors, you can create these cards to thank essential workers during these times. Ask your children to add a heartfelt message inside and this card is ready to be sent to your local hospital or health center.

See what else you can do with the cards at the blog, Kathy’s Art Project Ideas.

With all these art projects, staying at home doesn’t need to be a drag. Once the pandemic is over, you will cherish these times with your family so let’s create some memories!

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