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#StayHomeWithMe Series Offers Artistic Activity Map to the YouTube Rabbit Hole


#StayHomeWithMe Series Offers Artistic Activity Map to the YouTube Rabbit Hole

In the midst of surreal pandemic paradigm, YouTube builds perfect StayHomeWithMe playlist library for the stay-at-home masses.

YouTube has just launched a new channel of sorts this past weekend dubbed StayHomeWithMe. However, it’s actually an aggregate of various playlists that leverage YouTube’s top content creators in different categories. All of whom are catering their content to placate a captivated global audience, mostly stuck indoors.

The StayHomeWithMe playlists are geared towards activities that can be done at home. Think drawing, jamming, crafting, cooking, gardening, working out, reading, gaming, studying, etc.

The whole thing kicks off with a big PSA from a cast of characters that we should all likely recognize depending on how deep down the Youtube rabbit hole you’ve gone. The takeaway? Stay inside, watch YouTube, save the world and yourself.

StayHomeWithMe – #JamWithMe

First up, the #JamWithMe playlist showcases videos from the likes of Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Diplo, Elton John, Major Lazor and a host of other rockstar-driven livestream content.

As we just wrote about, many celebrity livestream concerts are popping up to give musicians a means to spread love and reach the masses while not on tour.

StayHomeWithMe – #DrawWithMe

Moving on to where pen meets paper, we find the #DrawWithMe playlist. This grouping includes leading YouTubers such as imawonder, Stephen Ward, and DrawingWiffWaffles.

StayHomeWithMe – #CleanWithMe

Another interesting playlist is the #CleanWithMe channel. I knew that people watched other people play video games, but I never knew that people watched other people clean houses. Apparently, this is a thing. Unreal.

Moreover, I must admit that the soft voice of Belinda Selene (more like “serene) is quite soothing. It’s mesmerizing to watch her folds sheets, puffs pillows and load the washer. It makes me want to light a candle, make my bed, organize my closet and blast some trance music.


Let’s see, what else…oh yes, there’s the #ReadWithMe playlist, led off by ReadbyZoe, who somehow has 222K followers. As with “watching people clean,” I didn’t know “watching people read” was a thing. Why am I paying for Amazon Audible when I can listen to people read books that I should be reading, for free? Crazy…


Speaking of crazy…don’t worry. If all this indoor activity is making you nuts, there’s the #GardenWithMe playlist. This will surely come in handy when the supply chain breaks down and the food runs out. Therefore, you may want to get outside to start planting peas and potatoes ASAP. Case in point is Team Perkins, who have over 400K followers on YouTube. Watch as the green-thumb duo dutifully dig dirt and plant seeds to produce the best backyard produce on the planet.

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Lastly, since these “staying-at-home-staring-at-Youtube-while-watching-someone-else-do-something” channels may have you overwhelmed, or possibly feeling depressed and full of self-loathing, you can also select the #MeditateWithMe playlist. In short, sit there quietly while watching someone else sit there quietly.

Certainly, I must say good on the folks at YouTube. Aggregating all of these playlists is smart. They offer endless hours of viewable content to keep you occupied in the face of this global pandemic. Who doesn’t want to sit in the comfy confines of one’s couch or desk chair and improve one’s skills?

For example, I just ate a Hot Pocket while watching all of these videos and blogging about it. Now I need to meditate…and take a nap.

Above all, happy quarantining folks!

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