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Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Kids: Don’t Hesitate to Celebrate


Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Kids: Don’t Hesitate to Celebrate

Drive-by parties and online games can help make the most of a birthday during quarantine

Sure, celebrating a birthday in quarantine it’s not ideal. But there are still plenty of ways to ring in another year for your favorite little one and have fun doing it. Even with social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place, with a little effort and creativity, you can make your children feel special and loved on their birthday. Here are some quarantine birthday ideas for the kids in your life.

Go virtual

Having a virtual birthday party is all the rage these days. You can set up a large Zoom party and invite all your children’s friends and family to attend.

There is nothing more special than ringing in another year, surrounded by those you love, even if they are only there virtually. Be sure to pick up a cake, light some candles and blow up balloons to set the right mood.

To add a bit of fun to the conference call, play one of the virtual board games Zoom and other online platforms offer, such as Pictionary, Bingo, Charades and Scattergories. You could even create a friendly competition with prizes, such as a chance to win delivery from their favorite pizza place.

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E-cards or video montage

In lieu of physical cards, which may be difficult to deliver during these times, why not ask your children’s friends to send e-cards? With Paperless Post, they can send customized birthday e-cards, with hundreds of designs to choose from.

Consider putting together a video montage of birthday wishes for your child. Ask their friends to send you a short birthday video message. You can gather and piece the videos together using a simple video software, such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. To go the extra mile, Tribute will compile all the birthday wishes into a video and send a video card or USB as a physical keepsake.

Drive-by birthday parade

Drive-by birthday parades are a fun trend that have popped up. With enough notice, they are relatively easy to organize and can create a special birthday moment for your children.

Ask your kids’ friends and relatives to gather in their cars near your home. At a pre-determined time, bring your son or daughter outside as the cars drive by.

The cars can amp up the festive spirit by honking their horns and blasting the birthday boy or girl’s favorite music. Even better if your friends and family members wave birthday messages and signs as they roll by. Just be sure to check your local social distancing rules to ensure that this is permitted.

At-home experiences provide the best quarantine birthday ideas for kids

[Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash]

Just because you can’t go out and celebrate, doesn’t mean you can’t put together a special in-home experience. These will likely have to be tailored to your kids’ preferences, but here are some cool ideas to get you started:

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  • Have an at-home scavenger hunt or treasure hunt in the backyard. Leave clues around the house leading them to their birthday present.
  • Create a cozy blanket fort in the living room and have a movie night or family game night.
  • If the weather is right, set up a tent and camp in the backyard. Save the cake and instead enjoy bonfire s’mores.
  • Cook up a feast and have an at-home three-course meal, full of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite foods.
  • If you can’t go to the spa, bring the spa to you! Put together a day of pampering, such as providing mani-pedis, relaxing face masks and bubble baths.

At the end of the day, holding onto a sense of normalcy during these uncertain times will serve your kids better in the end. These days are certainly different than anyone has experienced, but a bit of creativity can make your children’s birthday celebration memorable — and even count it as one of the best days in quarantine.

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