Team Members

Jack O'Donnell
Jack O’Donnell


Jack O’Donnell is Founder and CEO of Artistic Fuel. Originally conceived as one-off, brick and mortar gathering place for foodies, musicians and artisans more than twenty years ago Jack’s vision for Artistic Fuel evolved as the age of internet and mobile applications became mainstream, facilitating the establishment of a global artistic community and creative network connected digitally.

A restauranteur and real estate entrepreneur, Jack has created, managed, grown and exited a number of small and medium sized businesses. Throughout his life at “work” he always dreamed of being able to pursue his passions for the arts – especially music and theater. In talking with many of his peers, he realized a common refrain. If I didn’t have to work, I’d love to spend my time doing “X” – oftentimes “X” was something artistic – painting, poetry, sculpture, music, dancing, photography, et al.

In addition Jack’s insight was that many such individuals were peppered throughout every town, every state, every province and every country, yet couldn’t seem to connect. Despite a plethora of social media platforms in existence claiming to connect people of similar interests – business, family, friends, dating – there seemed to be something missing. The Arts.

How can all of these people have a passion for the arts, while desiring to connect with other like-minded folks in their neighborhood or city, yet can’t find a simple, intuitive means to do so? Enter Artistic Fuel.

With this vision Jack launched the current iteration of Artistic Fuel with the aim of bridging his love of people and love of the arts together to forge a thriving community of people fueled by a love the arts and who do it for the love.

Sean O'Donnell
Sean O’Donnell

President, Head of Brand

Sean O’Donnell is a social media influencer, actor, and entrepreneur who resides in Los Angeles, California.

Sean has appeared in various movies and television shows on networks such as ABC, Hulu, and Nickelodeon.

He has brought his social media expertise to help some of the largest brands in the world including Dolce & Gabana, Ernst & Young, HP, Paramount, and more.

With well over 1 million followers on his various social media channels including  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Sean is able to bring his unique voice and perspectives to a highly engaged and young audience.

As Co-Founder  of Artistic Fuel, Sean brings his passion for the arts & entertainment industry and his inherent insights into youth culture to help define the strategy and direction of the Artistic Fuel brand and product suite.

John Gamm
John Gamm

General Counsel

As Artistic Fuel’s general counsel, John’s roles are to identify legal issues that could affect Artistic Fuel and effectively communicate the risks and legal issues involved in management decisions, as well as in corporate governance and business policies.

A practicing attorney for more than 50 years, John’s work has ranged from orchestrating complex, multi-state real estate transactions to chartering a railroad and counseling a museum. For much of that time, he has also been a commercial arbitrator, mediator and expert witness.

But despite his years in the staid worlds of business and law, John has stayed abreast of the way technology has changed not only his profession but also the way it has enabled people to display their talents and exchange ideas and therefore welcomes the opportunity to be part of Artistic Fuel’s mission.

John is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Connecticut School of Law and has attended post-graduate studies at Harvard University.

Nate Boyle
Nate Boyle


Nate Boyle is an accomplished technology entrepreneur in IOT, Cloud, and Mobile who creates, markets and delivers products with integrated software. After spending nearly a decade coaching Olympic swimmers, NCAA D1, and working for USA National Team Performance and Technology at the Olympic Training Center, Nate was accepted into the Microsoft Kinect Accelerator powered by TechStars. While at Microsoft he learned the scale, scope and speed local leadership can have on a global vision.

Nate still relies upon his world class coaching background to quickly identify inefficiencies, maximize potential, and distribute talent. He has been awarded performance grants from USA Swimming, worked with VA neuroscientists, started two companies, coached Little League and mentors coaches whenever he can find the time. Nate is most excited about agile manufacturing, cloud computing, and AI/ML to engage communities with and around shared experiences.

Nate holds a BA in Political Science and a MEd in Kinesiology (Physiology and Biomechanics) from Auburn University where he was a NCAA All-American, National Champion and represented the USA at the Pan American Games. Since then he has completed coursework in Neuroscience, Software Development, and Data Science from Duke, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Michigan.

Nate and his incredible wife, Amanda, have two remarkable young boys, Bear and Bodhi.

Brian Diaz
Brian Diaz

Web Developer

Brian Diaz is Artistic Fuel’s Front End Web Developer, building and maintaining interactive web and mobile apps.

Growing up, Brian always believed he would be a novelist and studied Creative Writing at The College of Santa Fe.  But along the way, his grandmother gave him her 35mm SLR camera.  Photography immediately took over his life, and he left his job in financial services to explore freelance photography.  His photography led to opportunities growing and serving an online community of artists at, which in turn led to him teaching himself how to develop websites and apps.

When he’s not building sites or taking photos, Brian can be found listening to punk rock, frequenting library book sales, and dreaming of becoming a better woodworker.

Eileen Swenson
Eileen Swensen

Executive Director

Eileen Swenson is the Executive Director of The Artistic Fuel Foundation, Inc., and is responsible to provide management and oversight in order to fulfill its mission. Her vast experience in starting and managing three successful businesses, coupled with her time spent in education, and her immense “passion for passionate people”, Swenson brings an energy and confidence to this dynamic organization.

Most recently, following the 2008 financial crisis, Eileen co-founded her third business managing large scale multi-family investment real estate. Prior to that Ms. Swenson was President of Tarragon Management, Inc., the management arm of then publicly traded Tarragon Corporation for 8 years. In total, during her real estate years, Swenson was responsible for over 75,000 apartment units in 14 states, with over 600 employees under her indirect management.

A few years ago, Swenson sold her still thriving company to her business partners having decided she was ready to semi-retire. After several consulting contracts with real estate developers for management assistance and mentoring, The Artistic Fuel Foundation, Inc. position was offered to her. It is that “passion for passionate people”, her desire for living a more creative life and her love for being a leader in establishing a ground-up business, that has moved her to take on the charge of taking The Artistic Fuel Foundation, Inc. to its full potential in a steadfast manner.

Barbara James
Barbara James

Executive Assistant

Barbara is the Executive Assistant reporting directly to the CEO and is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll and administrative tasks to keep the office running smoothly.

Barbara also works as Jack O’Donnell’s assistant at NuVu Real Estate and Leesburg Junction Two. Prior to joining Jack, Barbara had successful careers with various Executive Assistant positions reporting directly to the Presidents/ Owners of diverse companies, including Aeronautical Systems, Inc., Tetra Partnerships, American Bird Conservancy, American Society for Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology, American Roentgen Ray Society and American College of Radiology.

Barbara has extensive experience in successful office management, extensive international travel planning, both personal and professional bookkeeping for the Owners but most important, the ability to keep the offices running in a smooth and efficient manner.

Barbara enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening and has a love and appreciation for most genres of music from country to jam, but can most often be found at local wineries listening to her husband’s band.

Betsy Scotto-Lavino
Betsy Scotto-Lavino

Director of Research and Education

Betsy Scotto-Lavino is the Director of Research and Education with the Artistic Fuel Foundation.

Her responsibilities include developing and implementing data-driven programming and projects with research conducted both internally and in partnership with other organizations. She maintains relationships with the broader research and policy communities as well as researches, writes, and develops creative materials or event plans for Artistic Fuel Foundation initiatives.

Betsy has worked in education and training for eighteen years and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in International Education.  Her research interests focus on the integration of art into non-formal educational spaces and the influences of public art in a community.

Betsy is married to a recreational bass guitarist, and mother to a budding lead guitarist, a sketch artist, and an eight-year-old with plenty of indeterminate potential. Upon graduation, Betsy looks forward to having weekends again, reading fiction, and hikes with her dogs, Captain and Daisy.

Kaeley Boyle
Kaeley Boyle

Creative Director

Kaeley Boyle is the Creative Director at Artistic Fuel, responsible for curating content, planning company advertisements, monitoring brand campaigns, revising presentations, and shaping brand standards. Kaeley brings a wealth of creative experience that spans the business end of the arts to the creation. She studied for a BFA in painting from The Pennsylvania State University and then continued on for an MFA at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

Kaeley is an internationally showing artist, with shows at The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), The Bilboa International Film Festival, and “The Arts in the Embassies” program through the U.S. Department of State. She is the Co-Owner, and operator of The Fine Gallery in Leesburg Virginia, The Co-Founder and Festival Director of the Loudoun Arts Film Festival, as well as the Director of Development and Board Member of The Loudoun Arts Council.

Outside the arts, Kaeley was a Division 1 scholarshiped athlete at The Pennsylvania State University and Head Graduate Assitant for Tufts men’s and women’s swim team while studying for her MFA.