A Shot through the Wall
Filmmaking with Passion and Purpose: Aimee Long takes on the Hard Conversation

Aimee Long is not afraid to take on difficult topics.  In her first feature-length film,…

women in film
Women in Film: A Conversation with Tracy Kleeman

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Hollywood sign
Women in the Directors Chair

In 1984 Barbara Streisand took home the Golden Globe for Best Director in a Musical…

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Thanksgiving Movies aren’t Always About Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving movies” have arguably the trickiest of all the U.S. holiday plot lines to master…

lanie zipoy on set of the subject
Community Engagement Research and Thoughtful Filmmaking

Lanie Zipoy, The Subject, Filmamker through art and filmmkaing.

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The Art of Coffee: Your Favorite Artists Paired With Your Favorite Coffees

Why should wine and cheese get all the hype? In the culinary arts, pairings highlight…