portland pearl district
Portland’s Pearl District, The Rose City’s Creative Hub

Portland’s Pearl District, once a desolate collection of neglected warehouses and railways, is now the…

meme bernie sanders
Jen Ellis, Bernie Sanders and the Mittens That Helped Break the Internet

Jen Ellis is a full-time elementary school teacher in Vermont’s Essex-Westford School District. And the woman…

Meet The Artists Behind Our Favorite Face Masks

Face masks can be just as much about fashion as they are about safety By…

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The Pandemic Highlights the True Cost of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands like Ross cost less, but at the expense of garment workers Let’s…

Custom sneakers
A Young Artist Speaks Out With Her Custom Sneakers

TheArtvst’s custom sneakers have paid homage to history, Breast Cancer Awareness, even Taco Bell There’s…

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Fashion Revolution Questions #WhoMadeMyClothes

Fashion Revolution says the simple question #WhoMadeMyClothes can improve the conditions of garment workers around…

Jewelry Designer
Conscious Consumerism Looks Good on You

A Nashville-based fashion company is passionate about equipping women to change the trajectory of their lives and their communities.