Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown cityscape over Main Street.

Richmond River City

Richmond, Virginia has a culture that is rich and diverse. It has a variety of historical sites, a thriving arts scene, and many public parks.

Richmond is home to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts which is the largest art museum in the state. The museum holds a large collection of artwork from artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

There are also many theaters in Richmond, Virginia such as the Altria Theater which is the largest theater in the state. It has two stages, a 1,700person capacity, and offers musical entertainment.

The city also hosts annual events such as the Richmond Folk Festival which is held on Brown‘s Island each September. It features regional, national and international acts. The Richmond Folk Festival is free and open to the public. There are also many festivals that promote art, food, and music.

The First Fridays Art Walk takes place in the arts district of downtown Richmond each month which showcases local artists and galleries.

There are also many public parks in the city such as Byrd Park which was the first landscaped Victorian park built in America and is named for Virginia‘s first elected governor.

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Cobra Island Painting


Cobra Island was created from a pen drawing that was meant to be an exploration of the subconscious. It is part of a series featuring the ‘Ant People’ on a rock in space covered with strange things and emotional clouds. The rainbows are like fuel erupting from the sky in magical streams. The only purpose of the Ant People is to roam the land and play with one another. It was painted with solid colors and thin light shadows that create a digital two dimensional look and feel.

While gazing at the shapes that make up this painting, you may notice abstract images start to appear. The most obvious of which being the shape of a cobra. The paint also wraps around a 1.5 inch border creating a 3D effect while gazed at from the side.