Banksy’s New Mural in Bristol is Well, Meh

On December 10th Banksy or Robin Gunningham claimed credit for a new mural in the Suburbs of Bristol. The mural depicts an older woman sneezing. Her dentures flown from her mouth with the force of the sneeze.

Aptly titled “Aachoo!!” by the elusive graffiti artist. The mural is on brand, it’s cheeky and teetering on political.

But I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

Aesthetically it’s a bit messy and underwhelming. The imagery takes into account the grade of the street (22 degrees) and pokes fun at the force of the sneeze. The artist uses the surroundings of the mural to create an illusion that the woman blew back the houses and debris on the street.

After Banksy’s work with Dismaland and funding a refugee boat in the Mediterranean, it’s a bit dull to see the artist return to such low hanging fruit.

Banksy’s work becomes less interesting when it isn’t tied to a larger social commentary.

The most interesting thing about this particular piece is the real estate evaluation of the property before and after the mural appeared. The home where Banksy’s mural appeared was on the market for $450,000 a week ago. But the owners quickly took it off the market after Banksy’s newest addition. The mural doubled the “worth” of the property overnight.

Making during quarantine

Banksy has been busy during quarantine, releasing several new pieces including this one honoring health care workers.

The piece which depicts healthcare workers as superheroes came in conjunction with a plea from Banksy for everyone to wear masks.

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