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Richard Serra is an American sculptor and printmaker whose large-scale, site-specific sculptures explore the physical and perceptual boundaries of space. He creates monumental abstract forms using simple materials such as steel, lead and rubber. His works are exhibited in museums and public spaces around the world.


William Wordsworth was an English Romantic poet, renowned for his lyrical and reflective poetry. He was a major figure in the Romantic Movement of the early 19th century and a central figure in the so-called 'Lake School' of poets. His works are known for their vivid depictions of nature and his use of poetic diction to express profound emotion.


Both Richard Serra and William Wordsworth share an affinity for the power of nature in their respective art forms. Through his minimalist sculptures, Richard Serra makes use of the physical properties of metal and its relationship to space, while William Wordsworth wrote poems that reflect his appreciation for the beauty of nature and its ability to evoke emotion.


Additionally, both artists have a deep respect for the natural world, with Serra’s work often referencing industrialization or man-made structures as something separate from nature itself. 

Steel Beauty

Frame Color
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