No Intermission

“No Intermission” Spotlights Charleston’s Local Talent

“No Intermission” is an episodic video playlist featuring Charleston’s top local performers

When Covid-10 threatened to close music and theater venues in Charleston, South Carolina, Adam Parker thought there should be “no intermission” to the city’s live performances.

A writer for Charleston’s Post & Courier, Parker immediately pitched his boss on the concept of recording videos of local artists performing.

Within days, Parker, along with a small team from the Post & Courier and with the help of some local curators, invited dozens of artists to participate. The venue? The library of the Post & Courier offices. The goal? Encourage local music and share it with the community.

Reggie Sullivan joins The Post and Courier for the first installment of “No Intermission.”

Highlighting Charleston’s Arts Scene

Covering the arts and entertainment beat in Charleston, Parker knew the city was loaded with musical talent.

“Charleston has a disproportionate number of really talented artists for a city its size. It is kind of extraordinary,” says Parker. “I presented this idea to rally some local musicians and give them a platform to perform, given the fact that it looked like the venues would shut down imminently.”

Moving quickly the second week of March, Parker had to put the word out. He borrowed a videographer from the marketing department and built an ad hoc studio in the office.

“We got it done through a collaborative process. I didn’t do the wrangling. I reached out to some local curators / impresarios. We ended up collecting, spread over the course of three days of recording, 60 unique performances,” exclaimed Parker.

Finnegan Bell joins The Post and Courier for the second installment of “No Intermission.”

Local Outreach

Finding the talent was a key component of the initiates success. Hence, Parker put out an APB to the local arts community leaders. These included Charles Carmody, Diretor of the Charleston Music Hall; Yuriy Bekker, Concert Master of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, and, Keely Enright, Director of the Village Repertory Company.

In addition, the series is hosted by Charlton Singleton, a local trumpet player and a member of the Grammy Award-winning band Ranky Tanky.

“Charlton Singleton is a performer, an educator and a very charismatic, and talented guy,” says Parker.

The Post and Courier is partnering with local music and theater professionals to present a video series that connects Charleston artists with audiences.

Supporting Artists

“The whole mission of this was to draw attention to this wealth of talent in the Charleston community, and also to help these performers,” says Parker.

In the description of each video on the Post and Couriers‘s No Intermission landing page, as well as in the descriptions to each respective video on the Post and Couriers‘s Youtube Channel, there’s information on how to support each artist.

“It could be just visiting their website where people might be able to donate, buy merchandise, or simply follow them online to learn more,” says Parker.

Actor Kyle Downs performs a monologue from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

Response and Next Steps

“The response from the community has been wonderful. The videos are getting hundreds and sometimes thousands of views. And the artists have been very accommodating and grateful and collaborative. It’s been great.” Parker says.

The plan is to run the series through mid-June, with hopefully more performances to come.

“I wish we could keep going with this. There’s many more musicians. Probably three times as many as we actually got in during those two sessions,” Parker says.

To view all of the “No Intermission” videos visit The Post and Courier.

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