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Looking for Online Music Classes? Here are 8 Great Options

This may be just the right time to start taking online music classes.

Typically this time of year, students are gearing up to head back to the classroom. But now, with much of the learning taking place at home, instrument and voice lessons can offer a bright spot during the school day.

Online music classes can keep budding musicians growing with their craft

For kids who are not new to music, they know this to be true. But for those looking for new hobbies to stretch their abilities, learning an instrument is a great way to do it. Playing a musical instrument comes with a whole host of cognitive, physical, and mental health benefits.

And thanks to a plethora of online resources, kids can take lessons from home.

Check out this great roundup of online music lessons to see what best fits your family.

Music with Lindsey

Miss Lindsey began teaching piano when she was only 14 years old. Her passion for teaching kids music clearly shines through in every one of her free YouTube videos designed for young children.

Viewer Bonnie L. Anderson states on Miss Lindsey’s Instagram “You are so amazing! These videos are so fun!”

Looking for something more specialized? Check out This platform connects visitors to music teachers specializing in popular subjects like singing, guitar, and piano, as well as less common instruments like the banjo, ukulele, and flute. Enjoy 100 percent virtual, private instruction in the comfort of your own home.

Making Music Fun

Making Music Fun is a free online community made up of parents and music teachers with 23,000 members and counting. Check out free lessons for piano, recorder, flute, drums, trumpet, clarinet and even bagpipes.

Levine Music

Levine Music is a great resource for slightly older children who are serious about learning an instrument. Designed for kids ages 4 to 12, the professional teachers at Levine Music use the Suzuki method, a collaborative method that encourages parental participation. Concerned about the cost? Each year Levine Music provides 650 students with free or subsidized music lessons.

Orpheus Academy of Music

Due to the pandemic, Orpheus Academy of Music in Cedar Park and Austin, TX, has taken instruction online. That means children anywhere can take advantage of the program’s virtual instruction. The academy places students with professional teachers, who can correct finger placement and movement — feedback that you can’t get from a YouTube video. As the situation improves, children near one of the Orpheus Academy of Music’s brick-and-mortar locations can transition to in-person instruction.

This site offers free beginner and elementary level piano lessons designed for parents to use as a resource to teach their children piano. Don’t worry, though. The lessons are easy to follow and require no previous music experience on the parent’s part. Drawing from the public domain, the site offers loads of free sheet music for simple, recognizable songs.

Army of Drummers

Have a child with a penchant for percussion? In that case, check out the Army of Drummers, which offers free weekly lessons as well as live instruction. The teacher, Briggs Akers, may only be 14 years old, but some big names have sung his praises, including music sensation Bruno Mars, who wrote on Twitter: “This is what its all about!! You‘re awesome @seebriggsrock don’t ever stop!”

Hayley Williams, of the rock band Paramore, also gave Briggs a shout out on Twitter. She wrote, “Maybe he could play for us…for real.”

The Violin Lab

With a subscription to The Violin Lab, users get instant access to loads of content including learning modules, all instruction materials, and a private feedback channel with the teacher, Beth Blackerby. With lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, students can follow Beth’s easy-to-understand instruction and become a master of the violin.

The Violin Lab, and specifically Blackerby, has been a great impact on a number of students. Student Marie Wisner said Blackerby’s teaching method gave her a great foundation. She wrote, “I cannot say this enough, Beth, but you provided the instructional detail I have been looking for and you also give great pointers, like proper thumb and finger positions, etc. I really feel this will make me a better violin player and that I can set out with a great start to my adventure with my beloved violin.”

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