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How to Survive New Year’s Eve in NYC and Even Have a Bit of Fun


How to Survive New Year’s Eve in NYC and Even Have a Bit of Fun

Truth: You don’t have to ring in New Year’s Eve in NYC in Times Square

There is nothing quite like the New Year’s Eve in NYC. Revelers at every turn—decked out in their comically oversized glasses and gaudy hats. While each one of the city’s unique boroughs seems to be buzzing with excitement on New Year’s Eve, the atmosphere in Times Square is positively electric.

For extroverts, it’s a dream come true—standing elbow to elbow with a million other people, waiting to greet the new year in one of the most iconic settings in the world. For introverts, the busy New York City streets are a bit much, even on a regular day. Luckily, there is plenty to do on New Year’s Eve in NYC to suit people of all personalities and interests. Here are a few tips for surviving New Year’s Eve in New York City in comfort and style.

Tip one: Plan ahead

There is no question that the city will be swarming with millions of people, all competing for reservations and tickets. Plan activities well in advance. Research and select a restaurant and book a reservation as early as possible. Buy advance tickets to events and parties. A bit of front-end coordination will prevent a lot of disappointment on the big day.

For those who want to spend the evening in Times Square itself, some extra planning (and some grit) will be needed. People start lining up in the early morning to ensure their spot inside the barricades. Tickets are not required, but space is limited. With so many people trying to occupy the same area, revelers should expect to stake their spot and not leave it all day—it will get snatched up by someone else immediately.

Tip two: Eat, drink, and be fancy

For those who think an entire day standing in the cold to claim a square of pavement sounds less than appealing, there are plenty of other options to celebrate in style. Rooftop parties offer the same festive atmosphere without waiting for hours in line wearing a diaper (fun fact: grown human beings actually do this to avoid losing their spot in Times Square).

Famed soprano Anna Netrebko will perform at the Metropolitan Opera’s New Year’s Eve gala for a different take on ringing in the New Year. [Courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera]

One of the most famed rooftop events in the city is at NYC’s Knickerbocker Hotel, just 150 feet from the famous ball drop. Ticket packages include champagne, open bar, and a buffet dinner at the world-renowned Charlie Palmer at the Knick.

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For a slower-paced celebration, the Metropolitan Opera offers a special New Year’s Eve gala, featuring a performance by soprano Anna Netrebko, who will sing selections from La Boheme, Tosca, and Turandot.

Tip three: Expect the unexpected

Whether it’s a raucous evening in Times Square or a stroll through a museum, any celebration in the Big Apple will best be enjoyed with the expectation that there will be crowds, a bit of chaos, and delays for transportation and seating.

The year’s biggest party in one of the world’s busiest cities will undoubtedly be an experience to remember. Make it a good one with some thoughtful planning and a positive outlook.

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