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Finding the Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Poe’s surrealistic poetry and sublime short stories earned him the unique distinction of not one but two Edgar Allen Poe museums.

Where is the Edgar Allen Poe Museum? 

There are two Edgar Allen Poe museums. One in Richmond, Virginia, where Poe lived briefly. And one in Baltimore, Maryland, at his childhood home. 

The museum in Richmond is the larger of the two and was founded in 1906 by Poe enthusiasts and fellow literary scholars. It has “A Shrine to Poe” and an “Enchanted Garden” based on his description from the poem “To One in Paradise.” They have expanded several times over the years and continually add more displays and artifacts from Poe’s archive collection.

The Poe Baltimore Museum is located on 203 N. Amity Street and is a National Historic Landmark. Less a “curated museum” like its other contemporary in Richmond, more an actual historical recreation of his family life, Poe wrote several of his greatest works while living in this house.

A Richmond Life

The most extensive collection of Poe-related items in the world is housed in the museum, even though Poe never actually lived in the building.

It is also a few blocks from the grave of his mother, Eliza Poe, who was buried in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood, in the graveyard of St John’s Church.

In the continuing ominous narrative of Poe’s works, his mother Eliza Poe was buried in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood, only a few blocks from this Edgar Allen Poe Museum.

And inside, three long-rumored spirits haunt the famous poems and mysterious artifacts. Some lucky tourists have even claimed to see the ghouls in their keepsake pictures.

A Baltimore History

The museum begins with the author’s tumultuous childhood and ends with his mysterious death. And much of the exterior and interior from the 1833-1835 period when Edgar lived with his aunt, grandmother, and two cousins is remarkably preserved in the home.

There is even a virtual tour with a live docent! Pay what you can to keep up this historical landmark.

Visit the Poe Museums or Host a Private Event

You can visit the Poe Museum in Richmond any time Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm, and Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm. Tickets are required. They allow private event rentals and wedding parties. 

For the Baltimore Poe House and Museum, reservation appointments are currently required. They do host special events at this museum; check out their calendar for more information.

As one of the great American authors of all time, a trip to either Edgar Allen Poe museum is an experience through American Gothic literature. Poe’s legacy continues as generations read his timeless works at home in Richmond and beyond the waters of his adopted Baltimore.


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