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The Best Artistic Instagram Accounts

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best artistic Instagram accounts out there. From photographers to designers and makeup artists check out our favorites below!


A self described “doodle poet” where the world is her canvas. Artist Shira Barzilay primarily creates digital prints, in an attempt to reveal the unseen. She has worked with such companies as Chanel, Anthropologie, Facebook, and Amazon. Picasso being a very clear influence of her work she shares his belief, “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” 


San Francisco based artist Lucy Litman uses the artistry of pairing text and paintings to promote positivity. These messages of affirmation have grown her brand and instagram follow to almost 200k followers. Showcasing the power that something as simple as “treat yourself with kindness” can have on someone’s day. 


If you have any interest in the makeup/cosplay communities then you have probably heard of Eleanor. If you haven’t then you need to educate yourself on her talents. This last year in particular her social media presence has skyrocketed as the world takes notice of her art paired with her ethereal personality. 


Nesrin Danan is no stranger to Artistic Fuel and we actually sat down and interviewed her quite some time ago, but she continues to prove just how good she is. Recently moving to Los Angeles to capitalize on more opportunities, Nesrin is reaching new heights. All the while cementing herself as a leader for this generation and role model for those to come as a woman of color in a job mostly dominated by white men. 


Since I met the New Jersey native Fiona Mullen years and years ago she’s always been in the water with a camera in her hand. Her instagram does something that is very much so needed in this day and age of social media. It lends a sense of calm to your endless scrolling. As if you’re simply laying in the ocean off of the beaches in Hawaii there with her. 


Jonathan Mazaltov is a photographer who is starting to gain some traction with his surreal edits on social media. For those not familiar with surreal edits, Jonathan will take a base image and then layer multiple other photos on top of it and some text to create a scenery slightly removed from reality. 


If ever there was a photographer deserving of my followers it is Erick. Sharing absolute gems taken in California, he is starting to build a stunning portfolio of vibrant photos that are a lovely break from the typical instagram content we all see daily.


While finishing up eight years of medical training in her home country of Ukraine, Irina always had the itch to be an artist. After meeting her husband who encouraged her to follow her passion they moved to the U.S. and she now practices a new form of medicine. It is sometimes impossible to differentiate her paintings of water from genuine photographs. No, seriously… go try.


Brandon from Toledo, Ohio is putting his own artistic flair on portraits. Leaving more to the imagination and the eye of the beholder than a traditional portrait. Some portraits do not even have defining features of a face but yet somehow through his artistry you can still discern the emotion and message of the human face.


Award winning visual artist and creative engineer who is using his platform to speak his truth. More often than not holding up the mirror to himself and society in a modern format. Renaming apps to showcase what they truly identify with, editing maps in search for something that can’t be found on the highways in which we travel. Check him out to find some art that will certainly make you think. 

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