No Likes, No Problem.

Everyone is familiar with “liking” something on the internet; it’s ingrained into every platform on the planet. When creating Artistic Fuel, the question that we posed was, is this a good thing? One of our co-founders with over a decade of experience in the social media industry was adamant that we never implement a “like” button.

The psychology around it instantly creates a competitive nature amongst users, also one of self-doubt. We believe that there is a time and place for competition, and this is not one of them. Inspiration, connections, and support are what we focus on here and all of which can be achieved without the negativity and pressure of “not having enough likes.”

The common rebuttal that we get when explaining this is, “how do I know if my work is good or not without that metric?” An utterly fair question given how conditioned we all have become over the last ten years by the social media giants. We at Artistic Fuel want to promote engaged conversation about work, sharing your thoughts, constructive criticism, and things that can help someone instead of a metric that we believe is meaningless.

Why do we think this metric is meaningless? The internet is a fickle place, and it’s impossible to get a consistent reading on your work. Some people scroll through their feed without liking anything. That doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy the work; they just didn’t click that button. Then some like everything, a more supportive type of person, but it still gives an inaccurate reading of what your audience is responding to.

Lastly, and most importantly. We don’t want “likes” to influence your work. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! We understand that it’s nice to feel like your work is appreciated and move in a direction that more people “like,” but we want to empower what fulfills you with no external pressures. Call us ambitious, but we’d rather that than perpetuate the negativity that other social platforms bring to the surface.


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