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8 Creative Apps for Artists of any Skill Level

Apps for artists are all around us, whether we realize it or not. From initial concept to finished design, even use editing features at your fingertips with the right app. Mobile applications have made digital artists of and graphic designers for almost any skill level in the art community.

Here are our top 8 apps for artists from a painting app to social media platforms.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

What it does: The app for free-form vector drawing, with 5 different pen tips, basic shape stencils, and a fine zoom of up to 64x. Essentially a pocket-sized Adobe Illustrator, this infamous Tiktok drawing app is a favorite tool of artists on social media. 

Price: Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play

Astropad Studio

What it does: Our most expensive app for artists turns your iPad into a digitizer, complete with a customizable workspace and an ultra-adjustable stroke lab. Compatible with any Mac app, it is a perfect second display for professional artists.

Price: $79/year on iTunes App Store and Google Play

Procreate Pocket

What it does: Discover a digital art studio that is equipped for sketching, painting, illustrating, and animating. A dream come true for all artists who love working on their mobile device. 

Price: $4.99 on iTunes App Store

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

What it does: Draw anywhere and anything with extensive blend modes and a range of natural tools, from pencils to watercolors. Ideal tool for pen-to-paper types. Beginner digital artists.

Price: Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play

Inspire Pro 

What it does: Get your painting perfect to every last detail with 150 wet and dry brush strokes. Record and share stunning painting videos with 120FPS high-speed brushstroke rendering!

Price: $19.99 on iTunes App Store

Google Arts & Culture 

What it does: An app for inspiration. Take a trip to museums all around the world and experience art through technology with modern features like 3D Stimulator and Face Recognition.

Price: Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play

Tayasui Sketches Lite

What it does: An extremely intuitive app for traditional artists that want to replicate their work digitally. Convert real-life processes such as color adjustments, gradient shading, and patterning into simple digital steps.

Price: Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play

Pixelmator Pro

What it does: Fine-tune and create gorgeous images, add your own creative flair with drawing tools, and share to Photoshop all in one app. If you’re a photographer, get this and save yourself time.

Price: $4.99 on iTunes App Store

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