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And to wrap up the day... We asked the A|F Muse to write a poem in Spanish and then to translate it to English... A great way to extend the reach of your work by translating it to the native tongue of your audience... Not word by word, but amazingly well written - no hallucinations (unless I'm suffering one) and nicely composed.... See below from our Muse -

My sincerest apologies to Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

En Espanol

En tierras de La Mancha, un hidalgo,

don Quijote, soñador caballero,

con lanza en astillero, viejo y flaco,

a molinos luchó, creyendo fiero.

Armó de la locura su gran fuego,

Sancho fiel compañero de fatigas,

Dulcinea, su amor, sueño y sosiego,

entre gigantes, magos y intrigas.

En su mente la lucha era por gloria,

mas la realidad le mostró historia,

de un mundo donde no hay dragones, no.

Mas su nombre eternizado quedará,

en la noble aventura de verdad,

donde el valor y la locura son un yo.

The contextual translation

In the lands of La Mancha, a nobleman,

Don Quixote, a dreaming knight so grand,

With lance in rest, old and wan,

Fought windmills, thinking them to withstand.

He kindled madness into a bright flame,

Sancho, his loyal squire in weary toil,

Dulcinea, his love, peace and aim,

Amongst giants, wizards, and turmoil.

In his mind, the fight was for glory,

But reality showed a different story,

No dragons in this world to know.

Yet his name shall forever be enshrined,

In the noble adventure, true and kind,

Where valor and madness together flow.


Poetry, derived from the Greek poiesis, also called verse, i...
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