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Who are these Creatives
thou speaketh of?

Artistic Fuel is for artists and "Creatives". 

Learn a bit more what we mean when we use the term Creatives to define our artists, and artists at heart!

Learn what Artistic Fuel is all about.

What makes someone a Creative?

The truth (and the beauty) is – there's no single answer.


You can be a musician, a singer, a painter, a film maker, a chef, a photographer, a writer; a proven, paid professional or beginning student, an artist of any kind; or you can be someone who simply admires art and artistic culture.


Being a creative is best defined by sharing a passion for a given artistic craft, in whatever form and level of participation you're at.

Young and old;
he, she, they, them - I a Creative.

The ones who
seek to unleash
the artist within...

and the
to collaborate.

Community and collaboration breed artistic inspiration, encourage the exchange of ideas and thus, fuel greater creativity.


Social networks have served as a primary source for community-building and connecting like-minded people.


Creatives seek a safe social experience, a space of respite and creativity, where they can express their highly personal artistic ideas. A safe space to exchange ideas, engage in meaningful conversations, and be vulnerable in sharing their points of view without the risk of divisive and hurtful reactions from others.