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Boulder Film Festivals Offer Cinema for Every Taste

Boulder film festivals boast a wide cinematic variety

If you love movies, Boulder film festivals are something to be aware of.

For a college town of fewer than 100,000 people, Boulder, Colorado, offers an impressive number of film festivals and art house cinema events throughout the year.

While some events have been put on hold during the current public health crisis, it hasn’t stopped people from coming together (virtually) in a shared love of food and film.

The Flatirons Food Film Festival event recently announced the launch of its “Dinner and a Movie” series, in which viewers stream a food film that pairs thematically with either a recipe that they can make at home or a takeout meal from a local restaurant. Each event also includes a special speaker to introduce the film and guide a post-film discussion via Zoom.

The first event kicks off on April 24th at 6:30 pm MST with just a $5 viewing fee. It will feature the film Tazzeka, a dramatic comedy about a Moroccan boy who wants to become a famous French chef. In partnership with the event, viewers can order Moroccan-influenced meals for takeout or delivery from local restaurants like Blackbelly Market and Cafe Aion in Boulder, as well as Fruition in Denver and Eat at Community in Lafayette.

As film lovers plan for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, here are a few of the other popular Boulder film festivals they can look forward to.

Bow Wow Film Festival

This popular traveling festival, dedicated to a love of dogs, makes several stops in Colorado each year. The 2020 event was held in January and included a series of short films that were shown at Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center. Watch the festival tour schedule for upcoming dates.

Boulder International Film Festival

Each year, filmmakers and actors from across the globe flock to boulder for four days of screenings, panels, workshops, and more. The Boulder International Film Festival, or BIFF, offers a first-look at some of the best new films in international cinema. With celebrity sightings, cooking competitions, and parties at every turn, it’s one of Boulder’s can’t-miss events.

Boulder Jewish Film Festival

Each year, the Boulder JCC hosts a thoughtfully-curated program of films that explore the human condition and a glimpse into Jewish life. Watch the JCC website for the announcement of the 2021 festival date.

Boulder Environmental / Nature / Outdoors Film Festival

The Boulder ENOFF is tentatively scheduled for July 16-19. It’s four days of insightful films. Each speak to an environmentalist topic and universal love and concern for the planet’s natural resources.

Boulder Film & Brew Festival

Held in Boulder’s popular Gunbarrel neighborhood, this unique film festival highlights the art and science of craft brewing, distilling, and the culinary arts. Hosted by local breweries, it features activities for the whole family.

Buddhist Arts and Film Festival

The 2020 Buddhist Arts and Film Festival, set for August 13-16, features films and panel discussions that encourage festival-goers to explore how Buddhist principles play a role in human perspective and interaction.

Chautauqua Silent Film Series

The Chautauqua Silent Film Series is one of Boulder’s most treasured film festivals. For over thirty years, it has brought film lovers together to celebrate the world’s greatest silent films and actors. Live music from local musicians accompanies the films for a fun twist.

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

With a focus on the harmonization of dance and cinematography, the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema is set for the fall of 2020 with screenings at Colorado University and the Boedecker Cinema.

Under the Stars Film Series

Film lovers are encouraged to bring a blanket and a picnic basket to the Boulder Adventure Lodge. Enjoy two free nights of adventure films shown on a 24-foot projector under the soft light of the stars.

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