blue fox drive in theater

Movie Nostalgia at the Blue Fox Drive-In Theater

The Blue Fox drive-in theater is a disappearing phenomenon in the United States. While so many likely remember going out to the local video store on a Friday night to rent some VHS tapes or DVDs and pick up a pizza on the way home. How many remember movie drive-in theaters?

Did you think that those were extinct? Well, generally speaking, you are correct, but there are some of them left. And they may even be making a comeback.

Blue Fox Drive-In Theater’s Rich History

In 2017, there were 322 remaining drive-in theaters in the United States. Today, that number is even less. The fact is that drive-in theaters have been mainly replaced by at-home movies and streaming programs like Netflix and Hulu.

However, one drive-in theater continues to stay in business, and it’s on Washington State’s Whidbey Camano Islands. 

The Blue Fox Drive-In Theater has been in operation since 1959. The Blue Fox on Whidbey island continues to thrive despite other theaters going out of business. The success of the Blue Fox is due, in large part, to the owners of the drive-in, Darrell and Lori Bratt. 

Since the beginning, the Bratts have focused their business model on providing a family-friendly environment, with the latest movie releases, good food, and other attractions to keep everyone thoroughly entertained. 

The Feeling of Summer is Perfect for Families 

The Blue Fox at Glen Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island is the ideal movie-watching experience for the whole family. Whether you’re vacationing on the island or just ferrying across from the mainland, the theater continues to be a worthwhile visit.

The Blue Fox Drive In usually has either a double or triple feature on long summer days. Families quickly pack the lot. Beds of their pickup trucks carry layers of blankets, and lawn chairs dot the landscape.

And did we mention it is incredibly affordable? With old-school prices, adults can enjoy a double feature for just $7! For kids, it’s even cheaper and free for those four years or younger. 

Movies aren’t the only thing to keep your family happy while visiting the drive-in. The Blue Fox also has go-karts, a full video game arcade, and the requisite buttery popcorn to keep the youngsters entertained and the adults smiling. There is even a new Back Lot Tavern for those who like to imbibe in adult beverages. 

What are you waiting for? See what is showing, grab your tickets, fire up the family car, and watch a great first-run film! 

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