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A|F Visual Inspiration


A|F Ember is our generative A.I. application to create images that will knock your socks off. From realistic to whimsical, from historic to futuristic vibes, with Ember, you can create beautiful, jaw-dropping images and visuals in mere minutes.


If you need images for a blog, a webpage, for social media, for a presentation, for any creative project; or even just for fun, you’ll be amazed by the fast, robust creative power of Ember.

Give Ember a try below and get ready to be amazed.

Aspect Ratio

Select from a multitude of aspect ratios for your image.  If you want to override the system or use a custom aspect ratio just enter "-- AR [Aspect Ratio] into the prompt.


Select one of the styles and influence the creation... from Impressionism to Anime, there are many styles to choose from.


Ember will give you a set of images to choose from. Chaos will control how "different" they are one from the other. A slider to the left means "we look alike", all the way to the right, means you are in for a high level of variance (or at least should) between images.

Quick Reference
Stylize & Weirdness

No judging here... so use the sliders and adjust how "creative" or "suave" Ember will be with your creation. These are experimental, but isn't most art just that?  ;)


If you want to create images that repeat, so you can "tile" them in a banner or display, click the box.

Mustang Backdrop.png

Aspect Ratio


A|F's Ember
is working

Quick Reference Guide

Meet Ember! Here are a few quick tips and suggestions to better understand how to use Ember and thereby get better image results; along with a more seamless and fun user experience. 


  1. The Open Field is the Prompt.
    The prompt is where you type in a few words such as “autumn leaves and trees, girl walking down road on chilly fall afternoon” and then press “Generate” for Ember to create four different designs.  You can see the four images this 12-word prompt entry created, and they are quite stunning. 

  2. The Design Toggles of “Aspect Ratio, Chaos, Stylize, Weirdness, Tiles” 
    These toggles are described above and when learning how Ember works, you can play around with the toggles to see how they impact the results of your prompt. You can enter the same prompt but just move the toggles to see how they change the results. Notice where the toggles are when we generated images from the “autumn leaves and trees, girl walking down road on chilly fall afternoon” prompt.  

  3. Enter Your Prompt and Click “Generate”.

    • After you enter your prompt and click “generate”, in about 30 seconds a red bar will appear on the colored smoke image, and as Ember creates your images the bar will start to turn green. In approximately 3-4 minutes the bar turn fully green and your four images will appear. 

  4. You Get Four Image Results from the Prompt.
    Your four images will appear in a grid. Simply click on the images to scan through all four as many times as you like. Each image has a url and you can download all + any + or none of the images for your full use. But if you don’t download them, when you click away, they are gone. And we mean gone gone. Bye-bye. So, if you like what you see, even just a little bit, we recommend downloading it so you don’t lose the image. 

  5. What if Ember Totally Missed the Mark?
    It happens. Simply try again. You can use the exact same prompt or edit the words of your prompt. Play around with the tool, with the toggles, with the words in your prompt. This is new, cutting edge technology and we expect our users to “kick the tires” and quite frankly, kick them hard.

  6. LOL! The person in the image has three hands! 
    What you're seeing is called a "hallucination" which is when A.I. makes a mistake, often a very goofy and funny mistake. The technology can have issues making humans, animals, buildings, etc, and sometimes (quite hilariously) adds an extra hand, an extra foot, or creates some other "gaffe" within the image.

    Sometimes these images can be cropped in post production to eliminate the visual gaffe on what is otherwise a fantastic image. Other times, you just need to start over, you can even use the exact same prompt again; but you might first consider downloading and saving the funny image to show your friends and so you can all have a good laugh. 

A|F Ember

Sample prompt, settings and result.

In the Spirit of Community + Collaboration + Constructive Criticism + Feedback.

We are open and honest; this is a new, ground-breaking technology and we are excited to share it with you for constructive and positive uses.


One of our goals is to build a community where all people feel safe to create and communicate. Therefore, we welcome all feedback (both positive and negative) that is sent in a respectful manner. This helps us build a more robust tool and a better user experience.


Thank you in advance for your feedback on Ember.   


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