9 Incredible Works of Auto Wall Art for Car Enthusiasts

The right auto wall art can bring the joy of the road into your home

The clean lines of a ’61 Jaguar Coupé. The sound of a choppy, big block engine. Any car lover knows to appreciate their beauty as a meticulously designed machine and a work of art. But why stop there. Those who love cars enough to bring the joy of the road into their home should consider auto wall art — a painting, a photograph, or a drawing of their favorite vehicle — for their home or office.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite car art pieces from artists around the world.

1) The Fastest Porsche Painting

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New York City-native Rapheal Crump was inspired to paint this painting by an experience riding as a passenger in the Porsche 930 that went as fast as 140 mph. The artist’s moderately impressionistic style is perfect for creating the feeling that this black beast is hurtling down the road at an obscene speed.

2) Vintage Car Retro Artwork

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This black and white photographic print from Hardy Gallery is perfect for anyone looking for a vintage touch for their wall art. Each of the three canvases focuses on a different detail of a sleek classic car.

3) Two-Tone Peach and Cream Mercury

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Erica Hauser enjoys combining a vintage style with color and interesting compositions. The colors and feel of this painting of a classic old Mercury make the viewer easily imagine warm summer nights cruising down by the boardwalk.

4) Escarabajo III Painting

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Slug bug yellow bug! This simple, yet impactful painting of a yellow Volkswagen Beetle by Chilean artist Eileen Lunecke has a slight grunge feel to it and is part of her vintage classics collection.

5) Ferrari 166 mm Barchetta

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Ah, Ferrari. The dream car of many, the possession of very few. This colorful painting by Polish artist Marta Zawadzka is a different take on how most folks think of a Ferrari. The artist loves to use bright colors to show emotion and reflect her personality.

6) Thunderbird Mural

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With this photographic image, Jens Ochlich instantly transports the viewer to sunny California many years in the past. The white Thunderbird convertible parked in front of a classic beach mural painted on the wall perfectly captures the artist’s love of classic American cars and his longing for them from West Germany where he grew up. 

7) Car Park Art Print

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Have a hard time choosing a favorite classic car? How about this artwork from Cassia Beck featuring 28 cars in a car park. They might be little toy cars, but they make for a cool piece of wall art nonetheless.

8) Roadmaker Drawing

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Spanish artist and illustrator Juan Ramos inspires nostalgia in the viewer with this black and white ink drawing of the back end of a classic Cadillac. The work is so detailed that you can even see the shine of the car’s fresh wax job.

9) Sky Dive Painting

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Psychedelic colors with an impressionistic style make quite an impression in this colorful painting of a Bel-Air. Arizona native Joanne Gallery originally photographed the car at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ, and later turned it into this gorgeous piece. 

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