Inclusivity in Art

While we are still in our infancy, we have interviewed, featured, and promoted hundreds of artists, and we are just getting started. We have brought a spotlight to certain artists by sharing their work on our website for tens of thousands of people to see monthly and on our steadily growing social media channels. 

On our “About Us” page, you may have read that we don’t care who you are. To us, our members are just artists. This is true, and that article was written around our promise that we will never sell your information, unlike almost every other social media platform. That being said, inclusivity in the arts is phenomenally important to us at Artistic Fuel. 

With hundreds of Instagram posts and articles on our website featuring artists from all walks of life, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. No, we are not like other companies that post the work of one gay artist or one person of color and claim inclusivity. More than half of the art featured on our platforms comes from people of color, and even more, come from women. Don’t believe us? Check, and feel free to scroll through each Instagram post and look for yourself. 

Why is this such a big deal for us? Art reflects life, history, and experiences, and getting perspective from such an extensive group of people allows us to understand each other better. This will enable us to educate ourselves and others on the beauty, hardships, and everything that someone else may go through. When we do this, we, without question, become more empathic people, which we believe creates more common ground. 

There is also the simple fact that these marginalized people are not shared enough. Their voices, their work, cast aside because it’s not as “marketable” or some horse shit reason based on what they look like and where they come from. 

So that’s where we stand, and it’s not changing. If you are someone or know someone interested in being featured on our website through an interview, an article, or a simple reposting of work, feel free to email us at !!

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