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Discover the Kansas City Art Scene Through the City’s Vibrant Murals

Some of the best of Kansas City art is showcased on its streets

Sure, Kansas City is known for its barbecue and, more recently, for its underdog win in the Super Bowl. But the Kansas City art scene offers another great reason to visit.

The city is home to a slew of colorful murals, adorning its historic brick buildings downtown to parks and other public spaces in its suburbs. Most of the murals showcase the best of artists’ talents and many offer a poignant message.

Here’s a few of our favorites.

1) #Blacklivesmatter Tribute

This recent Kansas City graffiti mural carries a profound message. The mural is dedicated to George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer in May. The artwork was created shortly after the protests began in Kansas City.

The mural shows Floyd, a group of policemen in the background surrounded by smoke, and some other important symbols intended to provoke reflection one society’s values and ills. Among those featured in the painting is Michael Wheeler, who goes by the nickname KC Superman. Wheeler is a local figure, a runner-preacher who’s often seen at Chiefs and Royals games.

The artists behind the idea said, “It is meant to cause a reaction, to seek the symbols, to discover who, why, what, where, how, when,”

Artists: Thomas Richmond and Alex Eickhoff

Location: Art Alley KC, 509 E. 18th St. in Kansas City, Missouri

2) The Mural Art Project

If you only have time for one stop, check out the Mural Art Project to see a slew of vibrant graffiti art in one spot.

You’ll find the mural art project just around the corner from the Power and Light District. A section of this street was actually dedicated to one art project. So, what you get to see is magic from a number of artists in the same street.

Artists: Various

Location: Corner of Oak and 17th streets in Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri

3) Community Shelf

If you’re a book person, here’s your nudge to visit Kansas City.

The spines of many famous books are craftily painted on one of the walls of Kansas City Library. You might even find your favorite book among them. If you do, don’t forget to take a selfie.

Artist: Unknown

Location: 114 W 10th St, Kansas City, Missouri

4) The Brewkery

This cool Kansas City graffiti is painted on one of the walls of The Brewkery. The mural shows the painter’s love for the city. This work is a part of the North Kansas City Mural Project.

Artist: Spaceship Zulu

Location: 1443 Swift Ave, North Kansas City, Missouri

5) Bob Jones Shoes

Artist Jonathan Munden painted this one on the walls of the building that, for years, was home to Bob Jones Shoes. According to the painter, this mural is one of his best works so far. It shows a young girl in a hoodie, blowing bubbles and surrounded by butterflies. Munden says he drew the mural freehand as part of the SpraySeeMo Mural Festival.

Artist: Jonathan Munden

Location: 1914 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City art

It might surprise visitors to this Midwestern town to discover just how eclectic the Kansas City art scene is. Lucky for for us, so much of the city has become a canvas for street art.

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