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The Beautiful, Painstaking, Delicious Side of Craft Cocktails


The Beautiful, Painstaking, Delicious Side of Craft Cocktails

‘Craft Cocktails became my creative outlet.’

“What I never want to do is make the same drink twice.” — Jeff Berry, The Wine Kitchen, Leesburg, VA

Jeff Berry grew up painting and drawing. He never would have guessed that a bartending job in his early 20s would lead to craft cocktails becoming his exciting works of art.

“Sometimes ideas come to me in a vision in the middle of the night, and I just want to see how it works out…

“Because when you step out of your comfort zone to try new things, you’re alive.”

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About Wine Kitchen

The Wine Kitchen Leesburg is a wine bar – restaurant featuring all that is good about food and wine, and specializing in what is great about sharing them together with friends and family.

The Wine Kitchen in Leesburg, VA has refined wine and food to their purest forms and offer them to you in a simple, elegant and relaxed environment that should remind you of a party in a friend’s kitchen.

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Its Seasonal American Bistro menu offers all that is good about local, seasonal food through the lens of a wide ranging and creative menu. The cozy atmosphere provided by our 1840s era building creates an excitement and vitality while still remaining small and personable.

The option to enjoy over 40 wines by the glass and in tasting flights allows you the customer to try something new or enjoy an old favorite. We also offer a craft beer selection to please any beer drinker.

Our simple, delicious food and drink are a welcome respite for anyone looking for a fun place to enjoy fresh food and a great glass of wine.

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