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Weekend Plans? Try One of These Online Cooking Classes


Weekend Plans? Try One of These Online Cooking Classes

Here’s your Friday Nudge: Sign up for online cooking classes

Each Friday, we offer a nudge to take the weekend to tap into your creative side. Sometimes, we point you to concerts or art shows. Other times, we recommend restaurants or live performances. But in the age of COVID, we’re pointing to more virtual events.

This weekend — as the summer heat dissipates and gives way to cooler temperatures — is a great time to up your game in the kitchen. Whether you’re just starting out or want to become a gourmet home chef, here’s a round-up of classes that will take you there.

Smart in the Kitchen

Marcia Smart, the powerhouse behind Smart in the Kitchen, is a cooking instructor, recipe developer and food writer who wants to help you make good, simple meals. Here are a few of her class offerings:

  • Private livestream cooking classes to enjoy with family and friends. $25/person. Three recipes will be covered per class, knife skills and prep tips. Q&A is covered at the end of the class and everyone will receive a recording. $400 minimum.
  • Private one-on-one cooking and kitchen basics classes. This first starts with a phone call to assess your needs, and you’ll receive recipes and a shopping list ahead of time. The one-hour classes cover cooking basics, how to meal plan, easy weeknight dinners and knife skills. Classes are completely customizable. $300/hour.
  • Corporate Zoom cooking classes for clients or employees. Possible topics include how to stock your pantry, how to meal plan, easy weeknight dinners, cookbook club and healthy homemade desserts that can double as breakfast. Menu and class topic is completely customizable. Email Melissa Garlington at melissa@smartinthekitchen.com for more information. $500 minimum.

Learn more at smartinthekitchen.com.

Kitchn Cooking School

This is more than one, quick class. Kitchn Cooking School offers 20 days, 20 lessons to help you become the cook you’ve always wanted to be. These 20 lessons are hosted by Grace and Meghan, who will give you crash courses that you can absorb and practice on a weeknight.

The first lesson is “How to become a cook who wields a knife with confidence.” And by Lesson 20, students will learn “How to be a cook who can plan, cook, and throw a dinner party with confidence.”

What’s great about Kitchn Cooking School is budding cooks can jump in and begin the classes anytime, and they can connect with their classmates to share ideas and encouragement on the Kitchn Cooking School Facebook group and on Instagram at #kitchncookingschool.

Learn more at thekitchn.com.

Online cooking classes
[Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash]

Udemy Cooking Courses

Almost any cook, no matter their skill level or interest, will glean something from Udemy’s course offerings. Classes include everything from Essential Cooking Skills to How To Identify, Harvest and Prepare Edible Plants.

The site is running a sale on their cooking courses (the Interactive Thai Cooking Class dropped from $99 to $14.99), so now’s a good time to log on and fire up the stovetop.

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Learn more at Udemy.com.

Let’s Cook! Interactive Online Cooking Classes

Join Marlene to learn to cook healthy gourmet dishes without a recipe. Her cooking classes are offered over multiple dates, so find the class that fits your schedule and your taste buds. She offers two types of tickets: $5 allows you to observe the class, and a $20 ticket allows you to ask questions and interact.

Learn more here.

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