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13 Camping Recipes to Make in a Dutch Oven

13 Camping Recipes to Make in a Dutch Oven

Leah Fallon

These camping recipes take outdoor meals far beyond burgers and dogs

When we got wind that you could use a dutch oven over an open flame or hot coals, it made us wonder: Is there anything a dutch oven can’t do? Used for roasting, boiling, braising and more, add these versatile pots to your gear the next time you go car camping.

If you’re looking for recipes that are more than burgers and dogs, these recipes will cook up a hearty meal when you’re sleeping under the stars.

Camping recipes
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Camping Recipes: Dinner

Look beyond the camp-fire classics for dinner. Feed your crew with these hearty meals.  

Creamy Corn Risotto 

Bring some comfort food to your camping trip with country ham, crunchy corn and plump rice. Simmer on low, this creamy dish will be worth the fuss.

Bourbon Chili 

Who doesn’t bring bourbon along camping? Add this staple spirit to a pot of hearty meat and beans. Premix the spices at home, to leave the measuring spoons at home.

Simple Dutch Oven Pizza 

For those who are always ready for a pizza, bring premade, refrigerated dough to stretch out on the bottom of the dutch oven. The campfire will add depth and flavor to your crust and cheese. 

Camping recipes
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Beer-Braised Chicken for Tacos

Half the work can be done at home when you prepare the marinade. Pack your chicken breast and marinade, along with the fixing for tacos to feed your campers. 

Dutch Oven Beer and Sausage  

One of the easiest recipes on our list. Precut the veggies, simmer and add a beer of your choice to make a hearty meal your crew will love. 


Step up your snack games with mature versions of your camping favorites. 

Skillet Green Chili Nachos 

These nachos touch on all the food groups — pepper jack cheese, corn tortillas, chicken, tomatoes. This could even be a meal if you don’t want to share. 

Sugar and Spice Campfire Donuts 

When day-old donuts won’t do, use premade biscuit dough and oil — and your dutch oven to fry up some fresh treats.

Pot of S’mores  

A mature take on a camping favorite, throw all the S’mores ingredients together for a gooey treat. An easy recipe for your dutch oven. 

Dutch Oven Biscuits

If you have space for rolling out the dough, cooking these biscuits over hot charcoal is worth the kneading. 


The most important meal of the day, even when you’re off the grid. 

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Mountain Man Breakfast 

This one-pot classic includes sausage, potatoes, eggs, and cheese to feed you before a big day of hiking or lounging at the campsite. 

Dutch Oven Breakfast Pizza 

Pizza for breakfast? That’s right, we went there — with a cornbread base, eggs and toppings cooked in a dutch oven makes for a crispy crust and hearty breakfast. 

Camping recipes
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Veggie Frittata

Use your lid to bake eggs and your choice of veggies for breakfast. 

Mixed Berry Dutch Baby

Be the envy of the campground by baking this classic over the coals. Premake wet and dry batter at home, and mix them before you bake.

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