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Breakfast Sandwiches are the Champion We Need


Breakfast Sandwiches are the Champion We Need

Breakfast foods come in all shapes and sizes. Sweet or savory? Pancakes, French toast or crepes? Would you like your eggs poached, scrambled or sunny side up? Bacon or Sausage? And when it comes to breakfast I’m always left wondering why these foods have to consumed before 10:30am. Looking at you Chick fil-a. The author Donna Tartt famously explained her consumption of alcohols by the seasons, “I like a glass of whiskey in the winter, I like a gin and tonic in the summer, I like a glass of champagne anytime.”

I feel the same about breakfast foods. I like an omelet in the morning, cinnamon french toast on the weekend and breakfast sandwiches anytime.

breakfast sandwich
Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

The Best Breakfast Sandwiches

Anytime I go to a new place, I search for the restaurant with the best breakfast sandwiches. It’s my litmus test for the quality of the culture. If the place has good breakfast sandwiches, it has good people. And often, good art. Neil Gaiman believes a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. I’ll add an addendum, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore and some great breakfast sandwiches. And to date, the best I’ve ever had was from Mike and Patty’s in downtown Boston. Ask any Boston local where to go, and the answer will be the same, Mike and Patty’s. The magical breakfast haven is no more than 300 sq. ft, with little more than standing room for two customers to order. You can see employees cooking the food just behind the counter with some popping downstairs through a hatch in the floor to grab more ingredients.

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Their list of breakfast sandwiches are mouth watering. And filling enough to sustain all three meals of the day. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. So, what do you think, where are the best breakfast sandwiches? Asking for a friend, (it’s me).

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