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A|F Ember

Ember is your visual thought partner, the pinnacle of AI-driven creativity, designed to augment your creative practices. Effortlessly generate breathtaking imagery in moments, ideal for blogs, webpages, social media, and beyond. Unleash your creativity with Ember's formidable artistic prowess.


Select one of the styles and influence the creation.

(Slide to the right to vary the selection of images)

(Slide to the right to increase the stylized nature)

(Slide to the right to let the AI have more input)

Mustang Backdrop.png

Relax ... Ember is working!

Click on the images to cycle through. Right click on the image to save.

Aspect Ratio

The size of the image.

Reference Guide

Unlock the full potential of Ember, our AI-powered image generator, with these easy tips to enhance your image creation:

Crafting Your Prompt


A great image generation prompt should be detailed and imaginative to guide the AI in creating a specific and visually compelling image.

Prompt: Envision a mystical twilight forest with a crystal stream reflecting pink and purple sunset hues. Ancient trees with moss-covered trunks create dappled shadows, while glowing fireflies add magic. In the background, silhouetted mountains under a starry, deep blue sky transition from day to night.

This prompt provides specific details about the setting (forest at twilight), key elements (stream, ancient trees, fireflies), the desired mood (peaceful, enchanting, otherworldly), and color palette, all of which help in generating a targeted and beautiful image.

Tweaking Your Settings


Experiment with the adjustable settings such as Aspect Ratio, Chaos, Stylize, and Creative. These tools let you modify the outcome without changing the text prompt. 

Generating Your Images


Once you've entered your prompt simply hit enter or click 'Generate,' a progress bar will appear, signaling the start of the creation process. Within 30 seconds, the progress bar will turn red, and your images will be ready for review.

Choosing Your Favorites


The images will be displayed in a grid. Click on them to scroll through each one. Every image has a downloadable URL, and you can save any, all, or none of them. Remember, if you navigate away without downloading, they disappear forever. So, if something catches your eye, even slightly, we suggest downloading it. Just right click on the screen and select save.

Didn’t Get What You Wanted?


If Ember doesn’t quite hit the mark, simply try again. Press 'Reset,' tweak your prompt or settings, and initiate a new generation cycle.

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