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A|F Glossary

Your Comprehensive Guide to Artistic Fuel  & Industry-Specific Jargon.

Click through the terms below to find out more. 

Even the most creative can use a nudge to get past a block, or a word of inspiration to start a journey.

A|F’s “Muse” is an A.I oracle of inspiration that leverages the latest artificial intelligence technology and services to do just that - inspire you, and get your passion in motion.


Chatting with Muse is as easy as a web search, or a chat with a friend. You can access them through the website at any time! If you are an active member, you have access to their most powerful A.I. personalities, who will collaborate with you to create art touched by A.I.



  • Available sitewide

  • Advanced capabilities for paying members like:

    • Different personalities

    • Conversations

    • Complex dialog responses

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