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Female artists

The 50 Most Influential Female Artists of the Past 100 years

From painters, sculptors and photographers to video, performance and installation artists – here’s a list of the most influential female artists of the last hundred years.

Food photos

Learn How to Take ‘Drool-Worthy’ Food Photos

Photographer Leigh Loftus has captured the best of the Chicago food scene for a decade.…

Art Endures Thumbnail

Art Endures – Artistic Fuel (Video)

In times of separation and division, art has a unique ability to bring people together.…

3D printer - art

Is The 3D Printer Artists’ Next Great Tool?

More artists are turning to the 3D printer to create their work How do you…

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

Discover the Kansas City Art Scene Through the City’s Vibrant Murals

Some of the best of Kansas City art is showcased on its streets Sure, Kansas…

Metal museum - Sophie Glenn

‘Rust Never Sleeps’ at Memphis’ Metal Museum

Rising star Sophie Glenn brings her humorous take on furniture to the Metal Museum The…

Short North Arts District mural

Massive Mural in Columbus’ Short North Arts District Tells the Story of the City’s Immigrants

Using augmented reality, this mural in the Short North Arts District comes to life Sometimes…

As We Are - selfie machine

A Columbus, Ohio ‘Selfie Machine’ Redefines Interactive Public Art

Think of it as a giant selfie machine that reflects the growing diversity of Columbus…

American flag - skate park

The Evolution of the American Flag as a National Icon

Smithsonian’s virtual gallery showcases the Stars and Stripes in its various forms There’s a lot…