Public Art

anish kapoor

Anish Kapoor and the Blackest Black

Anish Kapoor is an installation and conceptual artist born in India and living in the…

ghost towns

Eight Ghost Towns and an Artist Bringing One Back to Life

Ghost towns are abandoned towns that give cultural insight into what went on in the…

La Equis towers over the US-Mexico border wall

What Is the Red “X” on the El Paso-Juárez Border?

In Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, casting a shadow on the wall along the border with El…

MADSTEEZ’s Basketball Mural

Artists Turn Painted Basketball Courts Into Community Pride

Aging basketball courts in New York City are getting some love and attention thanks to public art murals.

grafitti art

Graffiti Writing and the Wonders of Subculture

Technology has made the world and its subculture more convenient. We wait less, we find…

Example of Street Art

Urban Warfare Lessons: Tracking Graffiti Artists and Controlling the City

Street art can bring a city block to life. Bland gray becomes surprising color.  Over…

martin luther king jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.- Spoken Word and Social Justice Reform

At the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., there’s a single stone tile…

Banksy’s New Mural in Bristol is Well, Meh

On December 10th Banksy or Robin Gunningham claimed credit for a new mural in the…

comfort women statue

Comfort Women Statue – The Statue of Peace

It is called “Statue of Peace”, though it’s original Korean name is So-nyeo-sang or “Statue…

Topeka - murals

How a Tattoo Artist Transformed a Run-Down Topeka Neighborhood into a Thriving Arts District

Jennifer Bohlander’s murals kicked off the revitalization of North Topeka, known as the NOTO Arts and…