Performance Arts

Elite Formation dance studio

This Dance Studio Empowers Young Dancers of Color to Pursue Greatness

Dance studio owner says ‘the thing that aggravates you the most is the thing that…

Jewel - Alaska musicians

Jewel May Have Paved the Way for These Incredible Musical Acts Out of Alaska

Jewel, Portugal. The Man and others are churning out genre-bending music If patrons were asked…

Black Wall Street

Hip-Hop Album and Documentary Honors the Legacy of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street

The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre scorched the successful business district of Greenwood, known as Black…

live music - concert

There are a Few Good Ways to Scratch That Live Music Itch

Canceled in-person concerts doesn’t mean we need to totally go without that live music magic…

Cain's Ballroom

‘Live From Cain’s’ at Cain’s Ballroom Just Might be the Next ‘Prairie Home Companion’

The show spotlights live music and history at Cain’s Ballroom From 1920s honky-tonk to one…

Broadway - Hamilton

Beyond Hamilton: Movie Musicals to Watch This Summer

You loved Hamilton, right? Here are 11 other movie musicals to watch from home With…

Barack Obama - Negros Leagues

At a Moment of National Reckoning, We Remember Baseball’s Negro Leagues

Barack Obama and Others Join in Tipping Their Caps to the Negro Leagues Last month,…

Summer Olympics - art

That Time When Artists Competed in the Summer Olympics

Is it time to reintroduce the arts to the Summer Olympics? Is it time we…

Female artists

The 50 Most Influential Female Artists of the Past 100 years

From painters, sculptors and photographers to video, performance and installation artists – here’s a list of the most influential female artists of the last hundred years.

Art Endures Thumbnail

Art Endures – Artistic Fuel (Video)

In times of separation and division, art has a unique ability to bring people together.…