Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley is a contemporary artist and cultural organizer who loves good espresso and a cold Coke Zero.

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Helen O'Leary
Visual Poetry and Sustainability: A conversation with Helen O’Leary

A moveable feast for the eyes, visual poetry in motion Helen O’Leary has a way…

Summer Olympics - art
That Time When Artists Competed in the Summer Olympics

Is it time to reintroduce the arts to the Summer Olympics? Is it time we…

Female artists
The 50 Most Influential Female Artists of the Past 100 years

From painters, sculptors and photographers to video, performance and installation artists – here’s a list of the most influential female artists of the last hundred years.

Landscape architecture
Landscape Architecture, Animal Science and Design

How place and cultural exchange impacts perspective and shapes creative journeys Creativity is a vehicle…

Surrealist movement - gallery
Your Friday Art Fix: A Look at the Surrealist Movement in 2020

Welcome to Your Friday Art Fix. Each week, artist and gallery owner Kaeley Boyle handpicks…

Artistic activism - Lincoln Beach
An Upclose Look at Artistic Activism

How art and artists can serve as catalysts for positive change It goes by several…

artists to follow on instagram
8 Timely Artists to Follow

Here’s a selection of young artists unafraid to speak their truths With the world in…