Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley is a contemporary artist and cultural organizer who loves good espresso and a cold Coke Zero.

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Paint by Numbers: The Popular Foray into the Oldest Art Medium

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Tetrachromats and Trichromats: What do you see?

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Breakfast Sandwiches are the Champion We Need

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The Best Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

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Creative Minds: Artistic Connections that Shaped Art History

Creativity and creative minds are an enigma we all want to understand. We’re taught as…

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Slow Motion Video of Portraits in Dramatic Time by David Michalek

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Architectural Marvels and Our Relationship With the Built Environment

Modern advances in technology and science have paved the way for extreme leaps in architecture…

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Women in the Directors Chair

In 1984 Barbara Streisand took home the Golden Globe for Best Director in a Musical…