Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley is a contemporary artist and cultural organizer who loves good espresso and a cold Coke Zero.

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michrophone hanging
Lana Del Rey Lyrics: Modern Day Poetry Masked as Pop Music

Lana Del Rey lyrics are emotional, evocative, and poetic. Elizabeth Grant, or Lana Del Rey,…

Social Currency and Curation: Should Curation Dethrone Content as King?

In 1996 Bill Gates penned an article posted to the Microsoft website titled “Content is…

Liza Lou Kitchen Artwork
Third Wave Feminism and Liza Lou’s Masterwork – Kitchen

How third-wave feminism influenced and gave way to art installations like Kitchen. So, what is third-wave…

video game controllers
How Artists are Using Animal Crossing in Art Discourse

Nina Simone said it best, “You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as…

Charlton Singleton playing trumpet
Marcus Amaker & Charlton Singleton are Raising the Volume

Social engagement, community engagement, and social justice reform. These three areas within contemporary art demonstrate…

woodworking tools
Ron Swanson Quotes on the Arts Offer Insight Into the Unlikely Creative

Ron Swanson is known for his masterful woodworking, love of fine whiskey, and all things breakfast…

color swatches on a wooden table
What is Color Theory and Why Does It Matter? From Alberti to Albers

What do Leone Battista Alberti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Issac Newton, and Josef Albers have in…

lanie zipoy on set of the subject
Community Engagement Research and Thoughtful Filmmaking

Lanie Zipoy, The Subject, Filmamker through art and filmmkaing.

interior art gallery view
Ongo Gablogian: The Artists behind the Always Sunny Character

“But first allow me to destroy your gallery.” The Always Sunny in Philadelphia character, Ongo…

netflix title credits
The Artists Behind the Most Creative T.V. Title Sequences

We often forget how many artists go into making a single T.V. or film production. Have you…