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A Guide to Finding Unique Wall Art You Can Actually Afford

From originals to prints, the right wall art can rejuvenate your space

Visual art evokes emotion without using words.

A photograph captures a precious moment in time, the strokes of a brush create a scene or swirl of color that speaks to the soul.

Hanging something as prestigious as a Picasso or a Rembrandt is out of reach for most of us, but there are plenty of unique pieces that are much more affordable that are just as intriguing. Here’s a few of our favorite prints.

Abstract art

For those looking to add the perfect pop of color to their walls, abstract art in the style of Jackson Pollock offers a colorful option. This artist, named Maitreyii, sells his original paintings for a little as $574. These gigantic drip-style paintings use color to create interest and evoke emotion in subtle ways.

Get a large painting for a statement piece in the foyer or a rectangular one for over the couch.

Old architecture

This simple view down a stone hallway in Italy from photographer Cara Koch draws the viewer in — leaving them wondering where the path leads. An interesting element is the paintings on the walls of the hallway itself, adding a bit of interest to already intriguing architectural elements. A small print of this photo will run you about $18.

See more of Koch’s bold photography at lavidainlife.picfair.com.

Multi-panel prints

Another way to add interest to a piece of wall art is to break it up in several pieces. Check out this 5-piece marble work. The smooth swirls of blues and greens are mesmerizing and seem to draw you into their depths. Splashes of gold give the piece a sophisticated finish in this print that would make any wall sparkle.

A building, mosaic style

Can a photo of a regular building become a work of art? Absolutely! Check out how Lars Hejll added interest to this photo of a Swedish building by photographing it in the reflection of a neighboring building.

Hejll says in his Saatchi bio that he always had an interest in photography, and that eventually led him to venture into the world of fine art. “I don’t have an education at any art school or similar. I was interested in pictures and ways to make them useful.”

Open Edition Print of an original Digital and C-type Photograph, measuring: 24W x 16H x 0.1D Inches, by: Lars Hejll (Sweden). Styles: Photorealism, Figurative and Realism. Subject: Wall. Keywords: reflection, building, facade, architecture, mirrors.

Stately black and white

A black and white piece has a certain timeless elegance. This simple yet powerful photograph gives the viewer a glimpse through three distinct windows. Romanian artist Bogdan Iliescu says the photo is his interpretation of the everlasting dilemma of which is the better side of a story, view or opinion. The limited edition photograph (limited to just one) is $930.

Original Art Digital/Black & White Photography, measuring: 100W x 70H x 0D cm, by: Bogdan Iliescu (Romania). Styles: Expressionism, Conceptual, Minimalism, Street Art. Subject: Wall. Keywords: Emptyness, Wall Decor, Fine Art, Wall, Minimalism, Windows, Street Art, Clouds, Expressionism. This Digital/Black & White Photography is one of a kind and once sold will no longer be available to purchase.

Colorful texture

American artist Nestor Toro is an abstract painter known for his bold use of color and complex layering. His work tends to blend chaos and harmony. Toro mostly works with acrylics but occasionally incorporates other mediums. The original of this work, Purple Panorama, is $485. Prints start at $180.

Abstract colorfield with bold texture and shapes. Blue, green and purple with iridescent purple… lots of light. This painting arrives mounted in a wooden canvas, sides painted, signed in front. Lots of texture!

Beach scene

An ocean scene is always a relaxing image to hang on the wall. This print from Art My House adds a unique twist to an oceanside photo because the shot was taken from overhead on a pink sand beach. Little umbrellas dot the sand where folks are enjoying a day of fun in the sun. A small print of this photograph starts at $33.

Understated modern elegance–the Kate Middleton of frames. The subtle angles of the vector framed art prints give just the right amount of depth to your design. Framed prints available in six sizes, in a white, black or red frame color.

The beauty of unique wall art

The beauty of art, in general, is that it can speak to people in different ways — even the same person as they pass through life. Hanging a majestic piece in their home gives people the chance to reflect on how the same piece speaks to them differently as they grow and change.

And here’s a nudge from the team here at Artistic Fuel: get to know the artist behind these works of art. Reading about the artist’s background, passions, and even artistic process can make that piece that’s hanging over your mantle that much more meaningful.

What art is gracing your walls? Let us know in the comments below.

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