Photo Gallery: Through the Lens of Photographer Annie Spratt

Meet photographer Annie Spratt. Her photos are among the most downloaded on Unsplash, a site that allows people to download high-resolution photos for free. Her photos have been downloaded by more than 27 million people, and all those free downloads has led many to buy prints of her work when they’re looking for a beautiful image for their home or office.

“Help yourself,” Annie, of England, says on her Instagram page.

She describes herself as a hobbyist photographer, using digital, film, and vintage slide scans. She’s also bold and experimental in her work. She has a full collection of double-exposures, and another collection of images taken on film in 1974 that she developed just last year.

Her work captures the beaches and cliffs of England, the wild beauty of far-flung places like Greenland, wild horses in The New Forrest in England, and simple moments with her children. She’s got a talent for seeing the art and beauty in the every day.

See a photo gallery of her work below. (Click to enlarge each image.)

Follow Annie Spratt (and buy her work!) via her website, her Instagram, and Unsplash.

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