Nikita Busyak Sketches the Art of Golden Glows

Ukrainian artist Nikita Busyak sketches capture a simple flick of a switch to transform a house from dark and asleep to glowing golden and full of possibility. He digitally manipulates the windows to make them look like they’re glowing with golden light, making them appear as if someone is home in his charming drawings of cityscapes.

The effect is magical, and it’s not just because of the ethereal light. It’s also due to Busyak’s incredible attention to detail. In each sketch, he includes intricate patterns on the buildings and even cars parked on the street. Every image is a detailed snapshot of city life, down to the smallest details.

Nikita Busyak art

Busyak started sketching at an early age, and he honed his skills by drawing the world around him. It wasn’t until university that he found a fascination with the digital arts and what they could do for his creativity.

Now, he spends his days creating beautiful images that make us feel like we’re right there in the city with him. His art reminds us of the little things that make life so special.

Cities and sketches with a personality

From classical European structures to a solitary cabin in the woods, to a block of apartments, this subtle detail gives this sketch an alluring and inviting atmosphere. He enhances the digital effect by photographing his illustrations under dim lighting, thereby letting “false” lights shine undisturbed. This simple trick makes the illusion of a small world appear inside these two-dimensional render­ings.

Nikita Busyak’s sketches are more than just drawings of cityscapes. They’re a reminder of the beauty in everyday life and the little things that make it so special. Thanks to his attention to detail, we can enjoy a glimpse into another world, even if it’s just for a moment. And isn’t that what art is all about?

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