Meet The Artists Behind Our Favorite Face Masks

Face masks can be just as much about fashion as they are about safety

By Leah Fallon

It looks like we’re wearing face masks for the long haul, so why shouldn’t they make a statement? Much like artists design T-shirts, masks are a new medium to display their creativity. Upgrade your mask selection by checking out these artists.

The ‘Behold’ mask

Masks Society6 - Behold dSuzimade
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“Creating what God put into my heart.” That’s how the artist known as Suzimade describes the inspiration behind her work.

Suzimade, from Little Rock, Arkansas, takes her whimsical colors and style from her pottery onto her mask designs. More than abstract art, these representations combine her love of collage and watercolors to create a look that goes with any casual outfit.

Keep up with all her work on Instagram.

The ‘Betty’ mask

Betty Face Mask by Heather Dutton
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Artist Heather Duton says of her work, “I’ve always been a dreamer, maker and a bit of a creative busy bee.”

Duton isn’t new to the fashion world. She’s owned Hang Tight Studio since 2000. There, she sketches designs for clothes, home decor, tabletops, paper products and more. You can find her patterns at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters, Target and Wayfair. Her gentle tones and fun designs will make you smile, even if it’s under a mask.

Keep tabs on her inspiring work on Instagram.

Anthology of Pattern Seville Gingham

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“There is so much to be inspired by in our time. Each of my collections develops from a single idea, color or specific shape and is molded into a cohesive grouping of patterns. Coloring within the collection is an essential component to the overall story.”

For the minimalist, Holli Zollinger’s retro designs will catch your eye. Her collection includes simplistic geometric patterns and floral designs. And if you miss travel, Zollinger offers a mask with a map of Paris.

See more of her designs on Instagram.

Royal folktale pattern

Royal Folktale Pattern — Dark Face Mask by Nadia Rausa
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If fantasy is your style, Nadia Rausa brings it home with her black and white masks. Complete with sketches of delicate swords and fanciful crowns, the masks bring you to a magical past. This Korean-American artist and illustrator is based in Alaska. 

She has quite the following on Instagram. Join the 46,000 others to see more of Rausa’s incredible work.

Face masks by Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Crown on Japanese Monster Face Mask by murakamistudio
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Two icons converge in contemporary designer Murakami’s work. Find this design on everything from prints, comforters and mugs. Murakami’s prints also include Japanese waves and The Statue of David with Bubblegum — which might be exactly the mask you never knew you needed.

You can follow both of the designer’s works on Instagram at @takashipom and @jean_michel_basquiat.

Pigmy owl mask

Tengmalm's owl and Pigmy owl (1893) Face Mask by Maria Popova
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“Seek out what magnifies your spirit.” That’s the bold advice from Maria Popova.

Popova, founder of the popular blog, Brain Pickings brings her fascination and admiration of nature to benefit those who protect it. Her Red Poppy mask benefits the Nature Conservancy, and Friedrich Wilhelm Winter’s depiction of an octopus from “Cephalopod Atlas” benefits Greenpeace.

See what else the author and artist is up to on Instagram.

Vintage floral mask

Vintage flower close up Face Mask by Little Dean
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Little Dean plays with shapes and colors and is “fascinated by how different shapes, colors and lines could form endless opportunities.” Add some surrealism and color to your style with bold tones.

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